Extron TLP Pro 1230WTG

Control AV, previewing video and annotating on a single screen is what this 12-inch touch model offers″ TLP Pro range, with which Extron increases user experience and productivity.

The new touchscreen TLP Pro 1230WTG of Extron, 12″ 1,920x720p resolution, offers an ultra-wide format to enhance the user experience by allowing you to view and manage multiple tasks at the same time.

As a result,, the user can simultaneously see the full controls of the audiovisual system, video preview and annotation controls on the TLP Pro 1230WTG screen, already available on the market.

Extron TLP Pro 1230WTG

So explains Rainer Stiehl, Vp. Extron Europe's marketing: "customers will greatly appreciate the performance and appearance of our new ultra-wide touchscreen. "Thanks to its large panel you will be able to control your AV, annotate and watch the live video preview, all from a single screen".

This new equipment has a video preview HDMI input that supports high-resolution HDCP-compliant video from an HDMI source. It also supports annotation when used in combination with any Annotator by Extron.

TLP Pro 1230WTG works with any Extron control processor or collaboration system for meeting spaces in the series Hc 400 manufacturer's, in addition to being designed for use in AV system applications that require interactive and complete control of a wide variety of sources.

Extron TLP Pro 1230WTG

Touchscreens TouchLink Pro they work using a standard network infrastructure and are easy to install with an economical and reliable Ethernet cable, and can be customized using the software GUI Designer by Extron.

This powerful interface design software offers out-of-the-box templates in a wide variety of rooms and presentation environments that can be used as presented or customized for the application by simply changing individual graphic elements.

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by • 26 Apr, 2021
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