Microsoft Teams Xperience

The new hall Microsoft Teams Xperience, that the company has enabled in its Madrid offices, permite a clientes y partners explorar y descubrir todo el potencial del nuevo modelo de trabajo híbrido-colaborativo.

Microsoft Teams Xperience it's an innovative room, that he has enabled in his offices in Madrid and from which they offer immersive and virtual experiences, organizations can explore, living in the first person and discovering the full potential of collaborative work. The main objective is to show all the possibilities that the company's unified communications technology and, teams in particular, offers to succeed in the new hybrid-collaborative work model that is being imposed.

With Teams Xperience, are experienced from basic scenarios of collaboration, communication via chat, sharing and editing documents, up to telephony and audio conferencing capabilities, from any device within Teams or cloud switchboard capabilities.

In addition, you can explore the capabilities offered by Teams to integrate all kinds of applications within the platform itself, from productivity tools such as OneNote or PowerBI, as particular business applications used in the day-to-day life of any user in an industry.

Third-party collaboration

To enable this space, Microsoft has counted on partner collaboration, how Ricoh, that has been responsible for designing and implementing an interoperable end-to-end collaboration solution, going from booking the room via Outlook, until the end of the session and the departure of the room to make it available again in the booking system. To do this, space has presence sensors that activate all the elements, leaving you ready to start collaborating.

Crestron Electronics has contributed for this project its portfolio Crestron Flex, a native Microsoft Teams Rooms device ecosystem to integrate the complete smart work environment solution.

From your MTR, until his novel Microsoft Teams Panel, the whole solution is managed from the platform XiO Cloud by Crestron, ensuring organizations experiment with the tools needed for their day-to-day life, including remote control capabilities of devices.

The user experience is designed to be transparent and reduced to minimal expression to ensure a quick and easy learning curve.

Thanks to the home automation room system, Creston Electronics panel enables audiovisual management and camera control from a homogeneous design within Microsoft Teams.

Ribbon and bt have also collaborated in the construction of the, adding the licensing and deployment of enterprise telephony.

For its part, Pexip has been responsible for the interconnection of third-party videoconferencing systems; whereas Poly, Yealink and Logitech have participated with the assignment of different devices that are included within this Teams Xperience room.

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by • 25 May, 2021
• section: audio, Case studies, control, Signal distribution, business, Telepresence / videoconference