Brainstorm Edison PRO

Affordable and easy to use, Edison PRO is the new high-end presentation tool Brainstorm for live, online or in conference mode with virtual and augmented reality.

The new tool Edison PRO you just filed Brainstorm part of a series of templates to ensure maximum ease of use and requires no prior experience in creating graphics, Videos, 3D images or objects.

Thanks to these features, users can expand their speech with real-time 3D graphics, as well as other visual supports, such as the rapporteur himself can be included in the presentation. It only requires a Powerpoint file or a PDF as a starting point.

Brainstorm Edison PRO

Technology-based 3Real-time D by Brainstorm, Edison PRO enables the corporate and live events industry, educational institutions, places of worship, online content providers and broadcast environment turn a basic presentation into a full interactive show, thanks to an affordable and easy-to-use platform that doesn't require high-cost hardware or a studio setup.

Edison PRO is a complete and independent system, with future-proof hardware, ready to work as you get it out of the box, just using a camera and a portable chroma to be able to introduce the presenter into the virtual world of presentation.

With >drag‘ drop>drag’, any user can use Edison PRO. In addition, shipping includes a library of predefined templates, Scenes, furniture, Pointers, screens and other objects to decorate the environment, as well as interactive templates for quizzes and surveys to further customize the event.

Brainstorm Edison PRO

This new Brainstorm presentation tool is fully compatible with Unreal Engine, allowing photorealistic scenes in this system to be used as 3D backgrounds for a presentation, improving the look of any presentation.

There is also an additional plugin, Edison UC (Unreal Control), that allows you to control and edit the plans, Unreal Engine scene objects and properties directly from Edison's own interface.

The installation, training and support are simple, ensuring a solid operation, even in highly demanding live production environments. Edison PRO can be customized with options to suit your requirements, both current and future, of any customer

Brainstorm Edison PRO

"Combining advanced technology with an extremely easy operating process, Edison PRO permite a los usuarios crear presentaciones en directo y online a otro nivel”, explains Ricardo Montesa, CEO of Brainstorm.

The purpose of this tool is to, as Montesa adds, “acercar la alta calidad de los programas de TV a los usuarios a un precio asequible, empleando nuestros más de veinticinco años de experiencia en tecnología broadcast para crear presentaciones de alto impacto utilizando contenido ya existente”.

Edison PRO is now available on the market from 8.350 Euros (hardware and software included), with additional components sold separately.

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by • 26 May, 2021
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