Yamaha at ULM

The new sound system of the Ulm Congress Center includes a matrix processor Yamaha MTX5-D for central system control and routing, with a QL5 digital mixing console and a Rio1608-D2 I/O rack.

On the banks of the Danube River, south of Germany, is located the city of Ulm, an economic center of eastern Baden-Württemberg and west Bavaria. recently, a new audio system has been installed at the Congress Centrum Ulm (CCU), the city's premier space for corporate and entertainment events, with a Yamaha solution chosen for mixing and control.

The Ulm Congress Centre (CCU), attached to the Hotel Maritim, it has two main auditoriums, the Einstein Saal and, the smallest, the Kepler Saal, both with adjacent vestibules; in addition to the Outdoor Gartensaal. The Einstein Saal can host meetings of up to 1.500 people and the Einsteinfoyer has capacity for a similar number of standing receptions.

Yamaha at ULM

The audio system update took place during a brief pause in the German shutdown due to COVID-19, which made the installation and programming of the system a priority. The company fein.media, based in Karlsruhe, was hired to design and install the system. This included an MTX5-D matrix processor for central system control and routing, with a QL5 digital mixing console and a Rio1608-D2 I/O rack installed on the Einstein Saal.

“We chose Yamaha's solution because it's an industry standard. We have installed quite a few systems from this manufacturer and they have always proven to be reliable, running fault-free for long periods of time. It had the advantage that the MCP1 control panel also made the system very easy for staff to use. In addition, most sound engineers are familiar with Yamaha digital mixers, so the QL5 was the best choice to meet flexibility needs, familiarity and budget of the premises”, says Frank Müller, owner of fein.media

The entire system was installed on a Dante network, with an MCP1 wall-mounted panel that provides easy control for enclosure staff.

“The system covers the main Einstein Saal, its lobby and there are additional delay lines to relay the background music, announcements and event audio throughout the CCU”, comments Muller.

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by • 30 jul, 2021
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