Boat at Umbra Group

In order to upgrade the conferencing system, following the purchase of Thompson A&D, has combined Logitech Meetup Systems with two computers ship CX-50 for large rooms, a CX-30 for medium-sized and more than ten CSEs -200 for offices, small meeting and rest rooms.

After acquiring Thompson Aerospace & Defense, a company based in Saginaw (Michigan) that designs, manufactures and service critical performance components and equipment for various defense and aerospace platforms, the Italian UmbraGroup started a business merger process, IT cultures and systems. This work fell into the hands of the company's new IT director in the United States., Joe Sheridan. After putting the network into operation, it is centered on the conference system and ClickShare Boat was the choice.

With a company located in Michigan, a sister office in Washington state and a headquarters in Italy, the need for a secure videoconferencing system, reliable and easy to use was paramount.

The project presented a challenge as the existing system could only run one type of conferencing software and, In addition, it didn't work properly most of the time. It was necessary to look for a new system that would put an end to the existing problems..

They needed an easy-to-use solution, that would allow anyone to enter a conference room, in a simple way, that you just had to turn on and connect. In addition, it had to be an agnostic system so that people could use the conferencing software they preferred and were used to.. The answer to all these requirements was Boat ClickShare CSE-200.

Boat at Umbra Group

ClickShare Conference Boat

Barco ClickShare Conference is a wireless conferencing solution that easily shares laptop applications on the meeting room screen. Is up and running in any meeting room in seconds.

As it is vendor-alone and designed to support Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) , allows you to enter any conference room with your laptop to connect wirelessly to all devices: cameras, Microphones, Speakers..., regardless of manufacturer, make and model.

This makes it possible to integrate pre-existing meeting room solutions, as well as adding new technology effortlessly.

Once the decision was made to move forward with ClickShare, Sheridan combined Logitech Meetup Systems with two CX-50 for large conference rooms, one CX-30 for medium-sized, and provided the team with more than ten CSEs -200 for use in your offices, small meeting rooms and the break room for all staff.

"From my point of view, communication is our most important tool for success", explains Sheridan. "And I can say with certainty that ClickShare helped improve communication and collaboration across all divisions.. It has made things faster and more effective”.

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by • 16 sep, 2021
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