Poly Microsoft Teams Dell Lenovo

In collaboration with Dell and Lenovo, the product range of Poly Studio for Microsoft Teams Rooms provide higher quality audio and video through DirectorAI in meeting rooms of all sizes.

The product range Poly Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams has been updated with the new kits of the line Poly Studio to offer high quality audio and video systems for both concentration rooms, also called Focus Rooms, as small meeting spaces, medium and large, and allow users to enjoy the technology DirectorAI manufacturer's.

New Poly Studio video bar kits for Microsoft Teams rooms on Windows are easy to install and use, with an optimized view of meeting rooms, as well as monitoring and framing technology for speakers, so that all participants enjoy an equitable conversation experience.

Poly Microsoft Teams Dell Lenovo

These Poly solutions are optimized to work in combination with manufacturers' new conferencing and collaboration PCs Dell or Lenovo.

Sometimes, participants who connect to an online meeting from a room are only framed on a large scale and their voice is not heard properly; other, only the person closest to the camera is clearly focused, while the others appear far away and not clearly visible.

All this makes the meeting an unattractive and unequal experience for people who connect remotely., as it hinders comprehension and fluency of conversation. A problem that Poly's DirectorAI technology responds to to promote equality and efficiency in any type of meeting room.

Concentration room kit

  • Consists of Poly Studio P15 and a Poly PC for Microsoft Teams rooms (Dell/Lenovo), in order to offer users the following functionalities:
  • A professional video bar that maximizes focus in tight spaces, while eliminating the need for cables.
  • Microphone with beamforming, that locates and evaluates sound sources, suppressing interference, so no one misses the most important conversations.
  • High-performance image sensor and noise reduction.
  • Automatic light compensation to constantly maintain correct exposure

Small and medium room kit

  • Consists of Poly Studio USB and Poly Room PC for Microsoft Teams Rooms (Dell/Lenovo) and among its features stand out:
  • Poly DirectorAI technology to provide advanced video experiences.
  • A professional video bar to improve focus in tight spaces and reduce the need for cables.
  • Microphone with beamforming.
  • Television-quality group framing system and accurate monitoring of speakers

Large room kit

  • Se compone de Poly Studio E70 y PC de sala de Poly para salas de Microsoft Teams (Dell/Lenovo) and offers:
  • Dual cameras with 4K sensors 20 megapixels.
  • Poly DirectorAI Technology.
  • Group framing and accurate follow-up of speakers. Also performs a smooth video transition during framing.

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