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At the event Be Hybrid, Be Collaborative, organized by Ricoh and Microsoft, EPOS/Sennheiser has come with its Expand 30T and 80T solutions, and Vision 3T.

Epos Expand 30TUnder the name Be Hybrid, be Collaborative, Ricoh and Microsoft has organized in Madrid a face-to-face event that has served as a meeting point for some of the most cutting-edge firms in the development and commercialization of collaboration technologies. EPOS/Sennheiser has attended as a sponsor and has taken advantage of its presence to showcase collaboration tools within unified communications: Expand 30T and 80T, and Vision 3T.

The format chosen by the firm to show its products was presentation and demo, combining direct and remote in a dedicated room. In it, both the Vision 3T device and the speakers of the Expand range were used, and connections were established between the event and the offices of magnetron (which markets EPOS/Sennheiser products in Spain) every 30 minutes.

Epos Expand 80T

Expand 80T: collaboration up to 18 Participants

Epos Expand Vision 3TThe Expand range consists of several speakers optimized for Unified Communications, among which EPOS Expand 80T stands out, a certified solution for Microsoft Teams with two expansion microphones, able to cover medium and large meetings, up to 18 Participants.

Six adaptive beam-forming microphones built into the speaker and four in each expansion microphone, together with DSP, are able to isolate the human voice from the room's own reverberation, as well as environmental noise.

Expand 80T ensures that all participants are heard clearly, while your colleagues remotely will be able to be closer to the conversation. With its powerful ultra-low distortion speaker in an exclusive suspended speaker box (patent pending), fills the room with a natural and realistic sound.

Its duplex performance allows simultaneous speech and, therefore, a natural conversation between remote participants. likewise, for the professional who wants to use his laptop at the conference table, Expand 80T has a dedicated button for Teams, that starts the app instantly, garantizando experiencias intuitivas y optimizadas.

For its part, EPOS Expand 30T es una solución inalámbrica Bluetooth con un óptimo rendimiento de audio que permite llamadas personales, así como conferencias para grupos pequeños y medianos con hasta 8 Participants. Incluye adaptador Bluetooth por USB para PC/softphone.

Epos Sennheiser en evento de Ricoh y Microsoft

Expand Vision 3T, reuniones en remoto

Otra de las herramientas empleadas para la presentación fue Expand Vision 3T, un dispositivo certificado para Microsoft Teams Rooms simple e intuitivo, designed specifically for meeting rooms of up to seven participants.

Includes a camera and technology Microphone Array Beamforming, that optimizes conferences providing clearer communication for all participants. With intelligent image framing, Improved PTZ, voice tracking and EPOS AITM noise cancellation technology, the experience is as real as being in person.

Expand Vision 3T simplifies user experience, ensuring that no time is wasted on unnecessary configurations. Without the need for a PC, users can start one-touch meetings and share content wirelessly from the device of their choice.

Its 4K wide-angle camera with Sony sensor reduces the need to be located around a single screen and superior audio ensures that all attendees participating in the video conference can be heard.

Expand Vision 3T is a smart, cost-effective device that's not just perfect for the user, but also for companies because it provides automatic software updates and the ability to manage devices remotely.

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by • 2 Dec, 2021
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