LG 21HQ513D-B

The new diagnostic monitor of Lg is presented in a format of 21,3 Inch, resolution of 1,536×2.048 Pixels, brightness up 1.100 nits and a contrast ratio of 1.800:1.

LG 21HQ513D-BThe 3MP monitor and 21,3 Inch 21HQ513D-B from LG Business Solutions offers a localized brightness control to optimize the review, radiological imaging and analysis.

This equipment offers a resolution of 1,536×2.048 pixels for viewing radiological images. Its IPS display is designed to facilitate accurate review of MRI and CT scan via Focus View, allowing you to review specific parts of an image more closely with magnification and brightness adjustment.

The monitor, oriented for vertical format, is designed to provide maximum brightness of 1.100 nits with a contrast ratio of 1800:1. This allows for accurate review of digital images while helping to illuminate anomalies..

LG has also designed the monitor with multiple sensors to help ensure an optimized diagnostic environment., regardless of room conditions.

Backlight sensor automatically adjusts lighting to stabilize brightness and get consistent images, while the automatic lighting sensor helps ensure that the brightness of the screen is optimized and adapted to the conditions of the environment.

Built-in presence sensor automatically turns off the screen when no motion is detected, saving energy and extending equipment life. last, Front sensor enables automatic hardware calibration without the need for additional equipment, which improves image quality and consistency.

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by • 2 Dec, 2021
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