Westin Bear Mountain Canada Peerless-AV LG and NovMega

LG Business Solutions, NovMega Digital and Peerless-AV have created and installed in the old ballroom of this Canadian hotel a large indoor dvLed videowall, with pixel pitch of 1,56 Mm. and a total density of 20 millions of pixels.

Located in Victoria, in British Columbia (Canada), the hotel Westin Bear Mountain Resort is the most important golf venue in the country, where guests can practice this sport on nicklaus Design's award-winning courses, as well as enjoy other events and activities.

Westin Bear Mountain Canada Peerless-AV LG and NovMega

With the aspiration to become the first Westin hotel in the world 5 Star, the president and CEO of the chain, Raoul Malak, had the idea of improving the image of the establishment within the hotel sector of Canada with the installation of a visually striking video screen that “reimagine the guest experience” in your ballroom.

The owners of the hotel were looking for a flexible solution that would allow their traditional ballroom to be transformed into a multipurpose space in which to celebrate all kinds of events, from golf tournaments and other sports, as well as being a backdrop for corporate meetings and more.

Project planning began in April 2020 and for this the hotel managers hired the audiovisual specialist NovMega Digital Solutions to perform the installation.

Westin Bear Mountain Canada Peerless-AV LG and NovMegaAlthough the initial design was smaller, the hotel finally opted for a spectacular system of videowall dvLed which stretched all over the wall of the ballroom. Given the scale and structure of the wall, the installation team performed several tests to ensure that it could safely hold the combined load of the cabinets.

In addition, the team had to overcome numerous installation delays due to the pandemic, as well as taking extra precautions to protect dvLed displays from dust and other building elements while waiting.

To configure this indoor dvLed solution, NovMega partnered with Peerless-AV and with LG Electronics Canada, companies I had worked with before on other projects.

The visual solution and its support in this installation was not simple, as he explains Anthony Ferreira, LG Canada Sales Engineer, “understanding that the surface of the wall is paramount for any installation, and that none is perfectly flat, we needed a mounting structure that offered the highest level of shaft adjustment Z to achieve an impeccable plane”.

Westin Bear Mountain Canada Peerless-AV LG and NovMega

Custom assembly

Taking into account these specifications, LG Electronics Canada provided its screens dvLed LSCB Series, of 19 meters long and almost 3 long, with pixel pitch 1,56 Mm. in a cabinet configuration of 32×8, while Peerless-AV manufactured a custom dvLED mounting system Seamless Bespoke.

Before the installation of the videowall, NovMega worked with Peerless-AV to design a high-quality, hard-hardwood panel in order to achieve the required flat wall structure., which was painted black to remove any reflections once the cabinets were installed.

Westin Bear Mountain Canada Peerless-AV LG and NovMegaIn addition, Peerless-AV specifically manufactured longer mounting fasts to compensate for the size of the wall., in addition to offering support and service at every step of the installation with its Seamless program.

Another challenge for the technical team during the installation was that, due to the pandemic, could not be present in it: “we hold frequent conferences with NovMega and LG Canada - remember Megan Zeller, Director of Business Development at Peerless-AV- and visualizations for each step of the installation with FaceTime to avoid potential problems”.

This custom assembly also passed strict tests of UL2442 safety to adapt to the heavy load of the wall, with the creation of flexible and adjustment points in Z, as well as space for cable management.

The entire installation could be recently completed in just ten days with a team of four people, that used a long laser level to perform spot checks and confirm accuracy along the wall, in addition to tests of fluke to check cable performance and confirm that all wiring was shielded CAT6A to the backbone.

the 256 dvLed cabinets LG's were shipped in 32 boxes, each labeled with its exact location on the wall, without cables and with cascading power from one cabinet to another. The heat ratio of 65/35 also allowed installation in shallow recessed cavities, and the entire system can be repaired, maintain or change from the front.

Westin Bear Mountain Canada Peerless-AV LG and NovMegaIn addition, using the four individual inputs of the installed dvLed videowall, hotel technicians can divide the screen into four sections, with 4K aspect ratio 16: 9.

The control technology of the videowall is made with players of DataPath, while the video matrix is Crestron and patented remote viewing software nView of Nvidia, enabling complete remote system management from NovMega headquarters.

To date, this indoor dvLED videowall is the one with the highest pixel density installed in Canada, with a total of more than 20 millions of pixels, and the largest in the environment of Hospitality of the country.

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