Samsung Monitors CES2022

Versatility, high image quality and performance, together with intelligent functions define the new models of the Smart Monitor categories, Hight Resolution and Odyseey that Samsung presents at the Las Vegas contest.

The new models of monitors that Samsung sample in ESC 2022, which is held until the next 8 January in Las Vegas, offer the best experience to work with, view content or enjoy leisure and games in their categories Smart Monitor, High Resolution and Odyssey, respectively.

This has been explained Hyesung Ha, Vp. Visual Display Business Executive at Samsung Electronics: "This new range represents the next generation of innovative monitors., to meet the demands of professional designers and gamers, among others. As telecommuting and entertainment continue to evolve, we are proud to offer equipment that powers user experiences from the comfort of their homes.".

Samsung High-res Monitor S8

Smart Monitor M8

With an ultra-thin body of 11,4 Mm, about three-quarters thinner than the previous model, The new one Smart Monitor M8 of 32" (M80B) helps the user to make much more use of the space, to which is added its careful design of flat bottom and warm white to adapt to any room.

Samsung M80B features a bright UHD panel that offers a range of colors sRGB of the 99% and supports 1.070 millions of colors with a brightness of 400 Nits, to display each video, document or image with real accuracy.

Productivity and Smart TV apps are integrated directly into the monitor, allowing you to work and enjoy leisure without problems, while serving as a control center for SmartThings, even without the need for a PC, to work remotely, with a mobile magnetic camera SlimFit that allows you to make video calls.

In addition, its integrated video calling application is compatible with the most popular apps of this type on the market, like Google Duo. Your port USB Type-C allows charging connections of 65 W for an all-in-one operation that does not need an additional station.

Samsung Smart Monitor-M8

S8 High resolution

Available in sizes of 27" and 32", the monitor S8 High Resolution from Samsung (S80PB) offers a UHD performance professional level for creators and designers who need high levels of accuracy when working in the office or at home. By offering up to the 98% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, provides an ultra-wide range of rich and nuanced colours.

with Display HDR 600, this high-resolution equipment provides an immersive viewing experience, bringing content to life as it was conceived.

In addition, it is the first monitor currently on the market verified by UL (Underwriter Laboratories) no reflections, as its matte display is applied at the top of the panel, reducing light reflection even when not using a monitor cover, to provide a distraction-free work environment.

Both S80PB models feature USB Type-C ports 90 W charging and LAN to help users create a simplified workstation that can charge laptops and mobile devices, without the need for an additional.

Built with Vesa mount compatibility standards, as well as a height-adjustable stand (YOU) with tilt control points, turn and base, the monitor can adapt to any environment.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G8

Odyssey Neo G8

For the environment Gaming, Samsung's proposal is Odyssey Neo G8 32" (G85NB), the first on the market to date to incorporate a 4K curved display (3.840×2,160p) 1000R with a refresh rate of 240 Hz and a response time of 1 Ms (GtG).

The performance of the equipment is up to its image quality, which has Quantum Mini Led – Quantum HDR 2000, with a maximum brightness of 2.000 Nits and a static contrast ratio of one million to one, allowing you to highlight the most subtle details to increase immersion in the content.

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