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Hand in hand with the innovation hub Ifema Madrid Lab, Helixa is presented as a collaborative knowledge platform that starts coinciding with the celebration of Fitur.

With the platform Helixa, Ifema becomes the first trade fair operator to explore the links between business models for different business sectors and the new post-Internet reality of virtual universes.

It is the observatory and collaborative ecosystem of knowledge that will address, over the next six months, the challenges and opportunities of the business fabric. It will contribute to democratizing access to innovation and digitalization of business.

Helixa Experience Center is the technological-artistic installation that, in the heart of the fairgrounds, offer your visitors the real-time creation of their avatar, a hyper-realistic 3D personalized digital twin #seriezero with which you can interact on digital platforms and on the metaverse.

Helixa Platform

The race to conquer positioning in the new virtual universes, has accelerated the momentum of large technology corporations and companies in many other sectors, for working on new models and business opportunities, that open a new dimension for the access of small and medium-sized enterprises to new digital environments.

A challenge in which Ifema Madrid has wanted to position itself by accompanying the entire business community on the road to the new technological revolution, industrial, economic and social, as well as in the commitment to the promotion and acceleration of the digitalization of SMEs.

Hand in hand with the innovation hub Ifema Madrid Lab, Helixa is presented as a collaborative platform of knowledge and innovation that starts coinciding with the celebration of Fitur 2022, that will take place in the 19 to the 23 January, and which will be extended throughout the first six months of 2022, to inspire and accompany the business fabric in the transformation and evolution towards the new models of activity and business that open the metaverses.

The platform will also promote the convergence of technology to introduce the business and entrepreneurial community on all platforms and mixed and virtual realities, and help them create value.

Helixa will pivot on three axes: LiveConnect, that will be the space for debate, research and networking for the Helixa community in Spain and Latin America; the multifunctional space Experience Center; and Summit, which will culminate in the publication of a Paper for dissemination among the business community.

The LiveConnect space will be the digital platform on which the forums will gravitate, Days, masterclass, open challengues, hackatons, presentations and news... of all the professional and economic sectors on which the activity of Ifema Madrid impacts (Health and health, lifestyle, entertainment, fashion and aesthetics, tourism, art and culture, training and employment, urbanism and city, mobility and transport, industry and production, finance, logistics, technology, cybersecurity...).

A multiverse networking space for the entire business and professional community in Spain and Latin America, around a Multi-Thematic Content Program, multisectoral and collaborative.

It will be a program of debate and research on the multiple opportunities that metaverses open to the business world.: Initiatives and opportunities for brands; Avatars, twins and digital identity; Regulation, privacy, rights and ownership; Digital economy and means of payment; New business opportunities in digital ecosystems; Technology solutions and platforms; Employment and resource management; Sustainability; Marketing, branding and notoriety; Consumption and shopping...

Disruptive dimensions, that will soon move from the commercial and social field, to the economic-business environment as great business opportunities.

This program will conclude in the helixa Summit call, a face-to-face event to be held at the beginning of July, aimed at sharing the main conclusions, proposals and vectors of opportunity.

Its mission will be to disseminate the information with the publication of the Paper Summit whose mission will be to present to the business community the results and research carried out by thematic and sectoral areas.

With the collaboration of the Institute of Robotics of Valencia (University of Valencia) and Target 3D, Ifema Madrid becomes the first trade fair operator to enter the new dimension of mixed reality.

Complement the project, Helixa Experience Center, a technological-artistic installation conceptualized and designed by the artistic creator Esther Pizarro, that will be for six months a multifunctional and experiential space, equipped with the latest technology worldwide, where visitors, will culminate their experience with the generation in scoop of their digital twin, by real-time scanning system without peripherals; a hyper-realistic 3D #seriezero personalized Avatar in real time that will be delivered exclusively to the more than 15.000 expected visitors, in different formats for use on digital platforms and metaverses.

The purpose of the Helixa project in which Ifema Madrid is working is to participate in the creation of a legacy, of new models of relationships and exchanges of value, and experiences in multiverses that allow the fairgrounds to accompany companies in identifying business opportunities in this new virtual and mixed reality ecosystem, and, with it, provide a lever of innovation, growth, development and competitiveness.

Helixa Experience Center

The installation, conceived from Ifema Madrid Lab, incorporates a wide variety of technologies ranging from videomapping, motion capture with Optitrack, interactive lighting arrays with flexible LED, olfactory immersion systems, position control software... to the use of ultra-definition screens with a new system of finishing Led panels by optical resin injection , used for example in the Star Wars series, Mandalorian to generate, in a unique and innovative way, a hybrid space without the use of any peripherals, as virtual reality or augmented reality headsets.

An ambitious technological deployment, taking into account that all these technologies are integrated into a single installation, led by Ifema Madrid Lab in collaboration with Target 3D and the Institute of Robotics of Valencia, who are at the technological forefront of real-time motion capture and AR and VR simulation and whose reputation and veteranship cross borders.

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by • 17 Jan, 2022
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