Genelec in Astad Vingard

A solution has been installed in the Garden rooms and suites of the Astad Vingard Genelec Smart IP integrated by 24 Equipment 4420, one for each room. Audio distribution is managed by QSC and controlled by Crestron.

Genelec in Astad VingardAstad Vingard has created a complete wine experience and includes a hotel with a modern conference centre, a spa and two restaurants, one with a Michelin star. Located in Halland County, South Sweden, this installation puts the accent on the sensory experience, where sound is as important as everything else. For this reason, the space has been equipped with a speaker solution Genelec Smart IP that has been installed in all Garden rooms and suites, recently refurbished and separated from the main hotel.

Nestled between two lakes in the nature reserve of the beech forests of Akulla, the vineyard has made the most of its surroundings, focusing on well-being and relaxation.

To create a holistic experience in keeping with the beautiful natural environment, Astad resorted to Efterklang, sound design experts, acoustics and vibration control, to develop a sound concept that could be applied in the different areas of the enclosure, and especially in the spa, that evokes the surrounding natural environment and harmonizes with the other sensory impressions in the different spaces.

The project owner and the installation company Granitor (formerly known as Midroc Electro) went to the audiovisual integration company Special-Elektronik to design the AV and lighting solution for the recent renovation of the rooms and suites of the Garden.

Genelec in Astad Vingard

Henrik Asp, Project Manager at Special-Elektronik, explains that they worked with a very tight schedule, so it was essential to find solutions that minimized installation time and offered the required quality. Genelec's range of Smart IP speakers was the best choice.

“Ästad Vingård's goal was to achieve the same functionality in the renovated Garden rooms as in those in the main hotel., a project in which we helped them a few years before. As part of that project I had already specified two rooms with Genelec speakers.", explains Asp.

Speakers 4420y 4040

Genelec in Astad VingardThe choice was a Smart IP solution integrated with the compact models 4420. “The only CAT cable that supplies power, audio and control gave us the freedom and ability to implement all IP music streams already used on the main system, including efterklang soundscapes, with excellent sound quality and quick and easy installation", add Asp.

Special-Elektronik provided twenty-four 4420, one for each room, that supply all the audio of that space, from TV audio, streaming of guests' mobile devices, the radio or ambient sounds of the room, a programmable 'wake-up' scene and a 'welcome' scene.

Audio distribution throughout the venue is managed by QSC and controlled by Crestron. last, four of the 4040 most powerful in the series 4000 adorn one of the main hotel's conference rooms and gymnasium, located in the luxurious Sinnenas spa.

Asp notes that the RAW finish and the sustainable ethic on which Genelec is based were added advantages to the quality and ease of installation.. “Ästad Vingård prides itself on its sustainable nature-inspired approach to everything it does. Their wine is organic and, in addition to a Michelin star for the excellence of food creation in its restaurant ANG, they have also been awarded the green star of the guide for their meticulous work on sustainability, in addition to a number of other awards for their sustainable business practices.

This is why it is logical that they prefer to use suppliers that share the same 'green' mentality., and Genelec is a great example of this. RAW finish is even better: not only does the natural look of the recycled aluminium enclosure fit perfectly with Astad's aesthetics, raw versions do not require paint and require less finishing material, making them an even greener option”.

Alexander Kassberg, by Efterklang, one of the sound designers who participated in the project, agrees that Genelec was a good choice.

“Although our role was strictly related to the content in this case, of course we are familiar with Genelec and have used their speakers in several of our projects. They are suitable for this high-end concept in Astad Vingard thanks to their high definition, wide sound field and quality. Smart IP offers integrators enormous flexibility for their designs and makes installation a breeze. The RAW finish that was used here is a perfect complement to the natural environment evoked by our soundscapes and the beautiful design of Astad”.

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by • 7 Apr, 2022
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