Powersoft ArmoniaPlus 2-3

The latest update to the ArmoníaPlus software from Powersoft gives system integrators more granular control of the company's Dynamic Music Distribution solution and easily select speaker groups.

the Dynamic Music Distribution gives system integrators the ability to scale entrances and zones, comfortably and effectively, thanks to dynamic routing capabilities built into your amplification platforms.

Powersoft ArmoniaPlus 2-3This capability, What Powersoft has incorporated into the version 2.3 of HarmonyPlus, facilitates dynamic routing of music and other sources, along with control signals between different zones and through multiple amplifiers, all this regardless of the location of the source and without the need for a centralized DSP.

Latest ArmoníaPlus software update provides integrators with the tools to easily select speaker groups within a zone, and thus create sub-zones with their own audio level controls.

Powersoft ArmoniaPlus 2-3While the audio source is common to everyone, the audio level of each sub-zone can be adjusted individually via any of Powersoft's control interfaces, how WM Touch and Sys Control App.

ArmoníaPlus v2.3 updates are also available for WM Touch, with usage improvements and the option to separately assign mute and level controls to zones. This means, For example, that it is now possible to configure WM Touch to control the level of a zone, while not allowing users to mute it.

Powersoft ArmoniaPlus 2-3"We are very pleased to announce a complete revamp of the Sys Control application.. Includes powerful new features to adjust a running system, as well as an improved interface – explains Luigi Chelli, Powersoft UX Design Specialist-. Instead of adding more buttons, we comply with the requests of our users by creating a tactile and skillful approach".

ArmoníaPlus updates, Sys control app and WM Touch are strictly related to Powersoft Dynamic Music Distribution solutions, which will be one of the novelties of the manufacturer's participation in Ise 2022 in Barcelona (pavilion 7 – stand M700). The version 2.3 and the tutorial videos are available for download in this link.

ArmoníaPlus Innovations 2.3

  • New version of the Sys Control application (iOS and Android): usage improvements, new system control functions and simplified configuration and access.
  • Separation of mute and zone level controls in WM Touch.
  • Improved WM Touch firmware usage.
  • Sub-zones for DMD systems: users can control groups of speakers within a zone.
  • Limiting audio level controls in DMD systems: users can define the minimum and maximum allowed audio levels for a given zone or sub-zone.
  • On/off the DMD system remotely via GPI.

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by • 22 Apr, 2022
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