The company Norwegian BB Visual Group has applied a series of improvements to its software of information visual B2 | Virtual sand to facilitate to the entities the sharing of audio, video and applications.

The supplier of technology collaboration and integration, BB Visual Group, has presented the latest generation of its software of information visual B2 | Virtual Arena. As an advanced desktop tool, the B2 | Virtual sand 2.0 combines audio, video and applications to share among multiple disciplines and locations geographic. This translates into more productive and intuitive processes, better decisions and strategic results.

Magne Arne Brekke, Chairman and CEO of BB Visual Group, has explained that this application "already is the first choice of them users of technology of collaboration in companies medical and of oil and gas, and you have added several features interesting for our next generation of the software B2 |" Sand 2.0 ".

An important feature is the B2 | Half Server 2.0 for the routing of sequences of audio, video and applications multimedia shared through any PC's desktop or device mobile using the latest technologies of compression. Provides images in time real and an experience of immersion for the user, even with width of band limited.

All functions, such as control of the keyboard and the mouse are managed through the framework of exchange of data BBV optimizing shared user experience. Designed thinking in the user, this software of last generation is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and comes with a home of Team Auto and a choice of launch.

For all types of media
The B2 | Virtual sand 2.0 you can see on any display, display or projector based on a surface, eliminating the need for traditional display drivers switching systems or complex wiring or hardware-based. You need a speaker and a microphone for each installation of B2 | Virtual sand 2.0 to support streaming audio and also a webcam is required to support streaming video.

“Para cualquier negocio es un desafío hacer más accesibles sus importantes procesos de trabajo, equipos y activos y en un formato fácil de entender. Las potentes características y el conjunto de funciones avanzadas del software B2|Virtual Arena 2.0 lo convierten en la mejor elección de colaboración para equipos y empresas”, finaliza Brekke.

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By • 19 Jan, 2012
• Section: Distribution signals, Streaming Media

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