Villa Presi Nigeria Arthur Holm

The retractable monitors of Arthur Holm star in this multidisciplinary project, together with the videowall of PPDS and the digital screens of Sharp/NEC; the conference system of Televic and the production of Blackmagic; the multimedia cameras of PTZ Optics and Legrand, and the audio of Yamaha, among others.

the Office of the Secretary of the Government of the Federation (OSGF) relies heavily on audio-visual and conference systems for physical and virtual meetings, executive and international conferences and briefings for the press, as it has the responsibility to ensure coordination and monitoring of the implementation of government policies and decisions.

In addition, the OSGF also deals with the affairs and facilities of the Presidential Village of Nigeria, including the banquet hall, the press gallery, the office of the President of Nigeria, meeting rooms and also Chambers of the Federal Executive Council.

Villa Presi Nigeria Arthur Holm

recently, the institution had the need to renovate its conference room, a project that contemplated a new conferencing solution for all personalized and third-party virtual meeting platforms; high-quality, high-resolution audio and video systems, along with one of complete audiovisual production and multimedia cameras.

To this project was also added the installation of a hybrid solution of press conferences compatible with that of the council chambers; a call notification system to reduce movement during meetings; a control room to manage all AV equipment from a single point and a portable automation system to manage all operations, on both wired and wireless connections, simultaneously.

Villa Presi Nigeria Arthur Holm

After assessing these customer needs, the Nigerian integrator Altrasav Limited was the company in charge of implementing the entire technological solution, from the design phase to its installation and operation.

"Altrasav Limited delivered a globally innovative solution for the OSGF in the Chambers of the Federal Executive Council, with an advanced AV and conference system and a level of support and service capable of providing a quick and efficient response to any mishap.. This technology and design solution exceeded expectations for improved user experience and optimized user productivity.".

Proof of this were the words of the Minister of Agriculture of the State, Mustapha Baba Shehuri, by pointing: "This is like going from darkness to light., and this is an infinitely better system than the previous one".

Villa Presi Nigeria Arthur Holm

Integrated technological project

  • Arthur Holm: the retractable motorized solution AH17DX2HDGATalk for touch screen and microphone from this manufacturer, with monitors DynamicX2Talk, has been installed in each of the delegates' seats. Its elegant design and quality this system offer a different experience to users, with desktop cover customization to accommodate and interact with Televic F-DIV pushbuttons, along with your software's touchscreen compatibility.
  • Televic: your conferencing software Cocon is used as the base conferencing solution, serving as the central interface of the conference system in each delegate unit.
  • Kramer: video switches, wired, Video source interface and output from this manufacturer are used for room integration, along with the automation of the entire system.
  • Blackmagic: the entire system of AV production, including camera switching, is managed through its technology.
  • PTZ Optics: the 4K cameras installed have the ability to automatically track microphones when a participant speaks, as well as a manual override control.
  • PPDS: the videowall of the room, in 4×4 configuration, has been made with the professional thin bezel screens of Philips.
  • Legrand: their Vaddio cameras are used in the press gallery and tea room, while its supports support the videowall and the Extensive screen is used as a backdrop.
  • Behringer: your system Digital Mixer allows you to configure all audio presets for Council Chambers, the tea room and the press gallery.
  • Yamaha: all audio system output is done with your speakers.
  • Sharp/NEC: the control room, the press gallery and tea room have screens from this display solution provider.

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