Balearic is the first tourist destination in the world to implement a system of promotion that does not require the use of paper, but it is completely virtual. The Department of tourism del Govern balear, next to Microsoft, has created interactive digital screens of 40 inches that have been installed in the autonomous community in Fitur stand.

Balearic Islands comes this year FITUR 2013, great international meeting of tourism business which is held between January 30 and February 3, with a modern ultra stand 507 square meters, with "unique in the world" technology in the promotion of tourism by incorporating pallet 'My window', "a pioneering system" from the technological point of view, basically consisting of 6 interactive digital displays Samsung Sur40, powered by Pixel Sense, some 40 inch multi-user touch screens that gather people to learn, experiment and decide on their future journey, in a 360-degree interface.

Thus, the promotion of each island and the city of Palma de Mallorca will be accessible through tables with touch computers including, through which the visitor can choose information by reason and by tourist area. Such information will be distributed by tokens, which will have text, pictures and videos, which can take home using QR or Microsoft tag codes on their smartphones or through e-mail or usb. In addition, it will allow visitors interact and place on any map of places and establishments offering the Islands to tourists.

With the installation of these 6 displays Samsung Sur40 - distributed in Spain by Charmex International-, one per each tourist brand, the user can virtually Visit Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Palma de Mallorca, discovering all products offering this tourist destination throughout the year. "It is the death of the paper and the beginning of change, with infinite possibilities, since the material that can be entered is five times higher than which could be physically. Includes brochures and everything that has made the Department that could not be on paper", explained the Minister of tourism and sports, Carlos Delgado.

In this way, can be accessed through interactive screens - one of them adapted to persons with disabilities - information on 1,400 hotels, 1.217 tourist resources, among which, 349 of Sun and beach, culture 223, 196 sports or nature 187 or 181 of gastronomy, the rest dealt it between leisure, health, urban and mice. Some 15 promotional videos and some 4,500 pictures, in which you can reach "a level of spectacular and amazing detail", according to Delgado can also watch.

360 ° virtual tour

Another innovation that may be discovered in the booth is the 'tunnel of experiences'. It is an application that allows you to capture the attention of visitors through a virtual tour 360 ° images by destination, which uses the device Microsoft Kinect to interact with visitors using gestures and body movements to rotate up to 360 degrees to be located at the chosen point. The visitor who accesses the tunnel of experiences can be a memory using a memory that will appear a few photographs taken during their experience in the tunnel, as well as information of the tourist destination.

This new model will allow the monitoring of everything that happens in real time, and to have within 48 hours. Since the end of the fair, a comprehensive report of what viewed by visitors to the Baleares booth on-site, as well as via the web and social networks.

This application has been the result of work between the Directorate-General for innovation and technological development, the Balearic Tourism Agency (ATB), which entrusted the management to the Foundation and the support of the Centre for innovation of technologies applied Microsoft tourism.

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By • 30 Jan, 2013
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Infrastructure

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