ASC Crestron Surface on Olympus Photo: Christian Kretschmar

In the building of 11 plants and 38.000 m2 of Olympus in Hamburg, has opted for collaboration and AV equipment. ASC has used room control technology Crestron and the visualization systems of ship, Microsoft and Samsung to carry out the project.

The most 400 rooms that has the building of the new headquarters of Olympus in Hamburg they have been equipped with the most innovative AV technology. Amptown System Company (ASC) and the consultant Macom have been responsible for providing these solutions with a view to fostering collaboration.

Medical technology company Olympus has moved its EMEA headquarters to Hamburg. A state-of-the-art building, sustainably built with 11 plants and a rental area of 38.000 m² where more than 1.200 employees.

ASC Crestron Surface on Olympus Photo: Christian Kretschmar

To promote a flexible, hybrid collaboration environment, Olympus has relied on highly efficient technology and activity-based work. To achieve this work environment, an innovative multimedia technology is required and with this objective more than 400 rooms with AV systems, among these there are rooms, including training rooms, of meetings and conferences, an auditorium and a space for individual work. In addition, there are four central areas.

The technology of Crestron is used as a central media control system. In addition, networks room AV devices in a single system and handles the transmission of audio and video signals through the solution Digital Media System. A mobile control application has also been installed to allow free movement in the room and simultaneous management of media systems..

ASC Crestron Surface on Olympus Photo: Christian Kretschmar

likewise, different rooms have the solution Microsoft Surface 2S, that is integrated into the AV network. According to ASC, this is one of the European projects where a greater deployment of these screens was carried out last year. Models of 50 and 85 Inch.

Upon delivery of office space, the Olympus Medical Training Center areas have also been equipped with innovative ASC technology so that employees and customers can experiment in theory and practice.. Other special rooms, such as those of central exchange, those of exhibition, auditorium and workshops also received custom media technology and systems.

ASC Crestron Surface on Olympus Photo: Christian Kretschmar

The central element of the auditorium, which is designed for 140 people, is a videowall configured with 9 Screens (3×3) of 55 frameless inches Unisee Boat. To this are added two screens Samsung of 85 Inch, which are located on the rear side walls and are used for additional transmission of content. PZT cameras and ceiling microphones provide audio and video signals for video conferencing.

To be able to use the complex solutions of the system effectively, Olympus employees received extensive training in the use of technology in the different rooms. Whether they are areas for collaboration or variable conference areas, using innovative AV media technology, created a future-oriented work environment that fully supports the collaborative work approach at Olympus.

ASC Crestron Surface on Olympus Photo: Christian Kretschmar

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