Starting from 2.5D compositions to complex 3D models, Visualma innovates in the mapping and develops one of the first stereoscopic facilities (with anaglyph) in the world and the first in Mexico.

On the occasion of the presentation in Mexico Kraken Rum, Visualma conducted with a multidisciplinary event Ninja Jose Cuervo in the 3D mapping was the star of the show.

To support the shocking nature of the brand concept, he developed one of the first 3D stereoscopic mapping (with anaglyph) in the world and first in Mexico.

Throughout the second half of last year, Jose Cuervo organized numerous screenings in cities such as Queretaro, Cancun, Mexico and Monterrey.

100% based on the concept of the brand, Visualma conceived this mapping with Kraken, a mythological figure and apocalyptic character, updating the image of the monster mythical an urban environment without losing the epic nature of the creature.

A modern metropolis where the terrible monster created an atmosphere of destruction in its wake was the perfect environment to promote a rum brand which suggests that only the bravest will be encouraged to try it.

Técnica de 3D is glifo

Given the above concept and with the task of creating a more realistic and impressive projection, Visualma opted for stereoscopic 3D.

For this project they used various types of animation. Since compositions 2.5D to define the urban context to complex 3D models of ships, helicopters, sharks and Kraken making mischief. The animation of this mapping was carried out in several stages later, using specialized software, they teamed up to create a montage that viewers could enjoy a anaglicas glasses (red / cyan).

One of the main features of the project is that it would turn several cities in Mexico.

With this in mind, Visualma designed the project to work anywhere. Bars, hotels and lounges of events with different dimensions; There was no place that resisted the kraken. From a main material, each mapping was carefully developed to the place where it was projected.

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By • 11 Feb, 2013
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