Scala implements a digital signage solution in the chain of Slovenian Petrol service stations. A total of 300 gas stations have been installed 400 screens that offer advertising products that are sold in stores.

Scala in Petrol filling stations

Chain Petrol service stations have increased their level of sales thanks to the solution of digital signage that has implemented Scala.

Petrol wanted to boost business and increase the level of income and realized that a digital communication network could help to achieve these objectives. And for the implementation of the digital signage project selected Scala solutions through its partner TL2011. Petrol wanted a communication system of centralized management for the promotion of their products in stores. In addition, the company wanted to integrate its system of cash registers with the digital signage solution.

Scala in shops PetrolFollowing the implementation of the project, 300 service stations are equipped with a total of 400 digital displays, all of which are controlled by the Scala software. When those customers come to them gas stations to refuel their cars, is are with small screens integrated in them suppliers that les show ads of them products that is sold in them own shops.

Inside the store, have been located one or two high definition displays which exhibit dynamic advertising that promotes products and services.

Scala in PetrolAt the counter, cash registers also have screens that display information purchases and product characteristics. The latter is done by connecting the digital communication system to a data base containing all such stored data.

Expansion project

With this project, Petrol has experienced a significant increase in sales of products advertised on the screens. As a result, the company has decided to extend this experience digital signaling to other service stations chain, both domestic and international.

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By • 16 May, 2013
• Section: Cases of study, Digital signage, Display

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