The personal identification system, based on QR codes, which offers Codylife allows to locate the athlete through GPS.

Codylife with sport

Sport safety is a matter that still has a way to go. There are many people who daily practice sport in the open air and are exposed to serious dangers like suffer road accidents, lost in wooded areas, and even suffer a blackout. To avoid these possible incidents, Codylife It offers a technological system based on QR codes with which to recognize a person by means of your personal data.

The QR code identifier allows you to save, in addition to basic information, such as the name and the phone number, medical information such as diseases, blood group and allergies relevant, essential in the event that the athlete would suffer any misfortune.

In addition, Codylife technology allows to have a private diary and send the GPS coordinates of the person in three different emails from the place in which it is located.

Se trata de un código QR único e intransferible grabado en láser sobre distintos soportes como colgantes o pulseras, que aseguran la identificación del deportista y garantizan su seguridad. Además, Codylife dispone de unos adhesivos que hacen la función de password y permiten identificar diferentes objetos para que en caso de extravío puedan ser localizados mediante coordenadas GPS.

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By • 12 Nov, 2013
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