With a design based on maximum innovation of its represented brands and recent additions to its business proposal approach, EARPRO has made a positive assessment of their participation in Afial 2014, with an excellent host of products and solutions by professionals sector audio, lighting and AV technology that came to your booth.

Earpro Afial2014

The participation of EarPro during the celebration of Afial 2014, held in late March in the enclosure Madrid Arena, has been described by its makers as a success in terms of the number of professionals interested in learning about new products in its booth, as well as the establishment new relationships with customers and consolidate existing ones.

Stand EARPRO, a large central space square structure equipped with large vertical panels and pedestals of varying heights, he was starring the latest in audiovisual solutions incorporated into the portfolio of the company, which was completed with new systems of brands and consolidated by this distributor in the Iberian market.

In this regard, one of the great attractions for professionals was the big LED screen (1.6 mm. Pitch) of Leyard, High resolution and brightness to show true colors exceptionally motivated numerous inquiries and details to EARPRO expert team for its slim form and easy assembly for use in all applications.

Earpro Afial2014 Martin

Alongside this display system solutions also it was one of the international reference marks -Martin Professional- recently incorporated into the proposal as reported EARPRO Digital AV MagazineWith the lighting console known M6, Wash Quantum Mac, Mac and Mac Viper Quadray Aura and Rush by Martin series, represented by Rush MH4, MultiBeam and ParLed2 systems.

Completed new solutions in professional and architectural lighting of EARPRO in this area of ​​your stand equipment manufacturers Acme and CoemarAs well as the revolutionary new touch control Vibe, of Compulite lighting.

The digital console Soundcraft Vi3000 was also an element of interest of many professionals, who wanted to know in detail the features of this new mixer direct hand EARPRO experts. Four touchscreens allowed several people simultaneously explore the potential of the table and practically understand how this new model allows, likewise, two technicians work at the same time.

EarPro Afial2014 Soundcraft

In addition, the console was connected to powerful digital effects unit Real Time Rack; an external module, also designed by Soundcraft in collaboration with the company in developing plug-ins Universal AudioWhich can incorporate the process of mixing a variety of effects which, over time, have become true industry standards.

Special mention also deserves a descriptive diagram of the systems Midis series of TendzoneThat EARPRO team explained to all concerned with the control and signal distribution of this new brand.

Two key brands in the portfolio of the company, Shure and JBL Professional, They were in separate areas of high visibility stand. As the first manufacturer, they focused on the new PG-SM-Beta Wireless and its new earphones and headphones, as well as DIS by Shure with its 5900 series of digital conferences. By JBL, JBL models by Intellivox, specially designed for highly reverberant spaces; as well as new PRX700, the VTX system and the recently introduced 3Series, were the big news.

Earpro Afial2014 Shure

The new stages of signing Crown -I-Tech 4x3500HD and DCi Multicanal, DBX and BSS had their own space and interrelated stand. The team explained EARPRO professionals DriveCore the advantages of technology, which gives its name to this series of elegant design. Beside them the speaker processor Dbx Driverack PA2, an improved version of the known predecessor, whose parameters can be controlled from mobile devices was.

BLU50 BSS system with four inputs and outputs equal number of Blu Link was one of the novelties of the English brand, because in just half a rack unit concentrates the enormous processing capabilities of his fellow series.

Panasonic He was represented with several projectors art, a selection of cameras and a video driver. Meanwhile, LG and Chief They joined to form a videowall in which combined, respectively, excellent image quality monitors with an elegant and discreet installation.

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By • 4 Apr, 2014
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