Lighting design which was held in Copenhagen for the Festival de Eurovision 2014 was the work of a collaboration between designer Kasper Langue, the company (Lite) Com Group, and Danmarks Radio whose staging used Martin Professional teams.

On May 10 Copenhagen became the center of attention of the European broadcasters since that day was celebrated the Festival of Eurovision 2014, a spectacle, as already published in Digital AVbecame in one of the most innovative of its history by the audiovisual display that was performed on its stage.

A scenario that captured the center of attention of the night by its spectacular, brilliance and great special effects, which were accompanied by a whole infrastructure of lighting was provided by Martin Professionalwhose products in Spain EarPro.

The lighting design was based entirely on a collaboration between designer Kasper Langue of the company (Lite) Com Group and the Danmarks Radio (The Danish Broadcastig Corporation).

Through the company (Lite) Com Group, Martin Professional supplied 5,500 strips LED video VC-strip 25 in an original, 199 strops Atomic 3000 DMX, 210 moving heads MAC ViperProfile, 56 MAC 2000 XB, 40 MAC Quantum Wash, which they made one of his first world appearances for the occasion, 45 processors and 16 drivers PowerPort 1500 P3-200 SystemController. For his part, Martin Rush supported by this huge display with 205 other mobile Rush MH3.

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By • 23 May, 2014
• Section: Cases of study, Events, Lighting

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