Both companies have integrated technologies to develop two products of transcoding of high performance and scalability for multiscreen in vivo (Live) and video on demand (VoD) with the latest generation of Intel processors.

Kontron, provider of solutions for telecommunications infrastructure platforms, and Vantrix, manufacturer of systems of delivery multimedia for suppliers of service and content, have developed two new products of transcoding of high performance: the transcodificadores multiscreen in live and VoD (video low demand) of Vantrix.

These systems are especially designed for those suppliers of service and content that is face to the challenge of responding to the growing demand of formats multiscreen, from Smart TV to computers and terminals mobile. The transcodificadores support all the formats standards, including 4 K Ultra high definition (UHD) and processing for delivery Adaptive Bitrate (ABR).

Both transcoders operating Kontron Symkloud high density in a platform. The appliance 2RU integrates processor Core i7 with Iris Pro Graphics, both of Intel. Vantrix performance reaches up to 180 HD 1 video workflows. 080p live or transcoding offline file VoD HD in real time by 10 x. Symkloud also can develop up to 18 streams live 4k@60p and HEVC-ready.

Vantrix software is installed as a virtual appliance and operates in Openstack, thus increasing the flexibility and scalability. A single appliance can run simultaneous applications, transcode Live and VoD and DRM encryption and streaming, with allocation of resources for different uses. The system is easily scaled using multiple appliances in a cluster that shares virtual resources on all physical nodes without additional management software.

Don Vendetti, SVP of product management marketing of Vantrix, stresses that "the density of processing of these appliances is impressive. Kontron Symkloud with processors Intel us allows delivering a volume significant of flows in live u operations of transcoding simultaneous to withstand Apr, 4 K e even HEVC in a format compact 2RU. Also helps to reduce the typical costs of transcoding live or VoD on more than 25% "."

For his part, Sven Freudenfeld, director of development of the Telecom-Cloud division of Kontron, points out that "the density of our Symkloud appliance is the perfect partner for the implementation of transcoding Vantrix and offers a large reduction in footprint, Capex and Opex to service providers. In addition, consumption stays at 6 W per channel HD. The Vantrix virtual appliance also supports high scalability in events of mobile broadcast, such as live sports".

En cuanto al uso de procesadores Intel, Bill Rollender, director de marketing de la división de infraestructura de comunicación de esta compañía, explica que “Vantrix ha usado Intel Media Software Development Kit para acelerar la construcción y optimización del hardware gráfico Intel Iris Pro, que forma parte de los procesadores Core de cuarta generación. La transcodificación de elevada densidad y bajo consumo es un aspecto esencial para los proveedores de contenido a la hora de responder a la demanda del mercado, y su facilidad de gestión también será un requisito clave”.

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By • 10 Jun, 2014
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