Resource Center for Learning and Research (CRAI) at the University of Alcala de Henares has relied on this integrating the audiovisual and communication of its rooms, one used for postgraduate and doctoral activities equipment.

Located in the renovated barracks Prince, near the monumental Rector of the University of Alcala de Henares (UAH), The building CRAI has five floors, 1,200 reading places and a bibliographic collection of over 200,000 volumes, periodicals, projects, audiovisual material, etc., to offer multiple services and documentaries, IT and logistical resources in order to develop training and research activities.

This large building also has several study rooms and individual and group work that have a broad technological equipment with WiFi, self-loan machines and other services for students, teachers and researchers.

University of Alcala de Henares has recently relied on the experience Vitelsa a new project for equipment of this type of rooms, which has made the supply and integration of audiovisual and communications systems.

Among the highlights teleteaching room, mainly used for the development of postgraduate and doctoral activities in collaboration with other Spanish and foreign centers, which Vitelsa endowed with all kinds of IT and multimedia resources. To monitor the actions of teachers and students have been installed HD robotic cameras that enable remote transmission and recording of training sessions are held in the same.

La visualización de los contenidos formativos se realiza sobre monitores Led de gran formato, ubicados en un plano paralelo a las pizarras, además de monitores de refuerzo distribuidos estratégicamente en la sala para permitir una visualización óptima desde todos los puestos. Para la audición, grabación y transmisión de las sesiones se ha instalado un completo sistema de microfonía inalámbrica con captadores de alta fidelidad, que se completa con un sistema de altavoces de alta calidad en sala para una óptima sonorización de la misma.

The implemented platform has capacity connectivity to the outside for the development of international programs. For this we have installed a videoconferencing system Full HD, interconnected with audio and video of the room, in order to transmit and receive the highest quality images and content used in shared sessions.

This system can also be connected with high quality and secure foreign graduate students, who accesses it through specific software applications for video supplied to CRAI.

Para la gestión de los distintos sistemas de la Sala de Teledocencia se cuenta con un Centro de control técnico, equipado con una matriz de vídeo, monitores para control de las fuentes de vídeo utilizadas y una mesa de mezclas para el control de audio de la sala. Además se ha integrado un grabador digital de audio y vídeo, así como una mesa de control que gestiona las cámaras robotizadas para la grabación y realización de los eventos desarrollados en la sala.

Additionally, Vitelsa has also equipped other meeting rooms CRAI, which are used for holding seminars and workshops, with touch monitors large format comprising an advanced PC can manage and deploy all types of content, applications, presentations and even communications.

These rooms bathroom equipped with sound systems of high quality, sized according to the conditions and specific uses of each.

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By • 5 May, 2016
• Section: Audio, AV Conferencing, Cases of study, Control, FEATURED, Display, Distribution signals, Training, Production, Streaming Media

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