With TeamViewer QuickSupport, users of smartglasses R-7 will have real-time remote support anywhere in the world.


The developer of remote control software and online meetings, TeamViewer It has announced its integration with the manufacturer of augmented reality glasses R-7 Osterhout Design Group (ANSWER).

With this agreement, users of smart glasses R-7 will have remote technical support wherever they are. The ODG smartglasses are widely used in sectors such as health, energy, transportation, warehousing and logistics and public administration. Even they have been chosen by NASA to improve space exploration.

ODG R-7“La tecnología integrada en accesorios se está convirtiendo en la plataforma preferida para incrementar la productividad, la eficiencia y la seguridad, tanto en el mercado empresarial como en la industria. Las smartglasses R-7 están cambiando la forma de trabajar en estos sectores, al tiempo que los flujos de trabajo y las aplicaciones están madurando. QuickSupport de TeamViewer se une a una exhaustiva lista de aplicaciones que aportan a nuestros usuarios la eficiencia y experiencia que ellos esperan”, comenta Pete Jameson, COO de ODG.

Developed on ReticleOS, the operating system based on Android ODG, TeamViewer QuickSupport improves the user experience by facilitating remote connections to provide real-time support. Thanks to this integration, technicians have the ability to see the same as the user is viewing the smartglasses R-7, allowing a professional guide, administration and support.


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By • 22 Jul, 2016
• Section: AV Conferencing, Control, Augmented reality, Bless you

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