Vladimir Diaz Noboa, the company ProVision 3D Iberia, explains in this article how it is changing the way consumers shop and strategies to be carried out to achieve capture customer attention at the point of sale, with shocking actions and interactive digital signage being a key tool for these campaigns.

Society today lives surrounded by advertisements and overloaded with information, which largely cases go unnoticed by individuals. Such is the saturation of information that even the most obvious occasions when an ad is projected at an advertising medium, large numbers of people can not remember the name of the brand.

Advertising is a sales tool that has traditionally functioned and today we see companies that are dedicated to it have to reinvent themselves and adapt to advertise how to achieve their goals.

Being exposed to advertising messages massively has made individuals more selective and generally just remember what really draws attention to them and / or interests.

A successful strategy is called point of sale display, through which carry out actions that activate and cause the potential consumer to opt for one product or another as can happen in supermarkets.

The actions carried out at the point of sale must be striking, modern and interactive if you want to get to capture the attention of potential consumers. The difference between buying one product over another may be linked to the correct choice of activation means the point of sale.

Digital signage, also known in Spanish as digital signage, is a modern tool for displaying ads on the brand and / or products you want to promote. The dynamism screens provide more successfully captures the attention of consumers or potential consumers, so it will be a tool to take into account in triggering the point of sale of certain products.

Es un hecho a tener en cuenta el que muchos consumidores actuales están cambiando su forma de comprar, tendiendo hacia la compra online ya que les proporciona mayor rapidez, comodidad y sin tener que desplazarse de casa. Es por ello que, las grandes marcas están reinventándose a la hora de proporcionar una mejor experiencia del consumidor en tienda.

La tecnología ‘aerial projection’ a través de pantallas 3D glasses-free es una forma disruptiva, nunca antes vista en Europa, de hacer publicidad en el punto de venta. Ante este panorama, ProVision 3D Iberia, gracias a este tipo de displays, se convierte en el principal proveedor tecnológico en el mercado español y portugués que permite experimentar la proyección aérea de imágenes y vídeos 3D sin necesidad de utilizar gafas especiales u otros dispositivos.

Thanks to the 3D Glasses-free screens reproduce audiovisual content so that seems to be suspended in the air, causing a WOW effect on people that makes these come to the screen, to become partakers of experience (trying to catch picture) and remember the brand with greater success.

Vladimir Diaz Noboa

Communication and Sales ProVision 3D Iberia

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By • 6 Feb, 2017
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Grandstands

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