Suspended from the cover by a monitored structure, this provides a graphical display indoor area of ​​50 square meters and incorporates a control system that allows real-time, manage information and images received.

Gallur sports center, located in the Madrid district of La Latina, has modern indoor athletic facilities that make it a paradigm of what should be a sports hall of the century.

With local, national and international projection, the Gallur needed for proper development of tests and sporting events which houses a technological ad hoc infrastructure, capable of displaying images, information and results of the activities there are carried out, with the qualities and to provide accurate information in real time to the public, television and the press dimensions.

To provide this pavilion that needed visual technology services firm hired BGL Audiovisual, A company belonging to Group SequoiaWhich has been responsible for providing the environment of a LED screen high-resolution (1,680 × 840 pixels), with a graphic area of ​​50 square meters, which is suspended from the cover by a monitored structure that allows its rise and fall according the needs.

Meanwhile, thanks to the control system is installed it is possible, in real time, making the management of information and images received, projection, video processing and interpretation of commands onscreen dialer.

In addition, the display system meets energy standards required by the Madrid City Council.

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By • 21 Feb, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Control, Digital signage, Display

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