Madrid Metro has installed a new information service that allows to know the forecast arrival of two trains coming through information panels in foyers and terraces on all its lines.

Madrid Metro has completed the installation in all its lines of information that allows the user to know the forecast arrival of two trains coming through the information panels installed in vestibules and platforms. This system offers a more complete information about the frequency and allows travellers to choose between the first train or wait for the next one, which is especially useful in correspondence stations.

The objective of this initiative is to enhance the traveler experience and to facilitate their travel, providing this additional information of the anticipated waiting time of two trains instead of one, which until now did not. In the hallways, forecasts of each line are displayed sequentially until the forecast arrival of trains on all lines that converge in a same season.

Clarity of the message

Electronic signs located on the platform provides the next convoy timeout message in the center of the screen, as so far, and below this information, in a slightly smaller font size, the minutes left to get the second. The display of each forecast time is initially set at ten seconds and prior to their issuance, for five seconds is displayed in the display message "Next train" set also initially in ten seconds. In addition, is forecast the next train arrival information although there is a train stopped at the station, messages of forecast of the arrival of the next train circulates that no passengers or which circulates only up to a certain station.

This information is sent, as it has been done so far, from the command post, where all the information relating to the movement of trains is controlled. This measure aims to improve the quality of travel, since it offers the possibility to choose the best route, particularly in correspondence stations.

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By • 14 Jun, 2012
• Section: Digital signage