Manufacturer of digital signage, Nexcom, infrastructure has joined its portfolio multimedia panel PC fanless MPPC 2120T, with a touch screen 21, 5″ (55 cm) of vertical alignment and LED backlight, which, according to the company, It provides an exceptional Panorama with wide viewing angles.

The new panel PC multimedia fanless MPPC 2120T of Nexcom It has a large touch screen LCD 21, 5″ (55 cm) of vertical alignment with LED backlight to provide an outstanding display with wide viewing angles. The touch screen is bright, distinctive and noticeable improvement providing information and promotes the interaction of the user, offering better service and experience to the customer for signage and kiosk applications. Combined with a dual-core computer, the MPPC 2120T is a perfect all-in-one solution for interactive at hotels, airports, public transport kiosks, as well as displays signage retail malls and restaurants.

Using panel technology goes, the MPPC 2120T offers excellent viewing angles, reaching the 89 (U), 89 (D), 89 (L), 89 (R), high contrast ratio 3000:1 and brightness of 420cd/m2. With such features, multimedia panel PC is free of changes color and fade when viewed from a wide angle, as well as under the bright and low ambient light. This makes it perfect for local audiences, especially in areas where the panel PCs are installed in places above the height of the eyes in a vertical position, as the digital menus in restaurants and displays for display at trade fairs.

The MPPC 2120T fanless uses LED backlighting, which consumes very little power, and is equipped with a low-power Intel Atom D525 processor. These features not only reduce utility bills, but will also increase the useful life of the system, effectively reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO). In addition, the dual core processor is paired with the DDR3 memory to simultaneously manage the streaming of multimedia content and interactive touch selection tasks.

With a sleek design that adapts to all kinds of environments, the MPPC 2120T is housed in a black chassis with slim bezel around the edge design. The flat and narrow bezel maximizes the visibility of the screen and creates a look attraction that draws the attention of customers and increases the attraction. The front panel is also certified with IP65 waterproof and dust, so it is suitable for places where water may be present, such as water parks. In addition, the system supports panel, wall and VESA mounting to ensure that it can be installed almost anywhere.

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By • 1 Oct, 2012
• Section: Digital signage, Display