The specialist solutions for in-store for retailers, Mood Media Corporation, has created a visual content of great attraction for the New Look fashion chain, mounting a wall-to-wall of Christie MicroTiles in the store of the chain opened recently in the Jervis Street Shopping Centre Dublin (Ireland).

Mood Media It has carried out its first installation in the retail market in the United Kingdom / Ireland, assembling a wall of Christie MicroTiles in the flagship of the fashion chain New Look in the Irish capital, Dublin, the store opened this month in the Jervis Street Shopping Centre. The Visual media in Mood Media team has developed a content of animation, projected through MicroTiles, which advertises is the range of products of New Look and which will guide the customer towards the vast retail space downstairs.

The display consists of a wide range of groundbreaking multimedia solutions offered by specialists, including music intended for the brand (with a soundtrack customized for New Look) and the latest technology of digital signage. But the center of attention is the innovative Christie MicroTiles visual technology, embodied in a digital canvas of high resolution displays an attractive commercial content. The display can take virtually any configuration: walls, columns, diagonals or steps creating high-impact projections in commercial interiors.

MicroTiles intelligent technology is so efficient and so profitable that it is designed to be lit along all the deployment of image. It offers full front access for a quick repair of components, and mosaics work with a light source that has been tested to ensure a life expectancy of 7.4 years 1/2 brightness using 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The MicroTiles has a chromatic spectrum unparalleled in the market, ensuring colors so intense and realistic as the imagined by the publicist.

Solution of great visual impact

Vanessa Walmsley, Executive Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Mood Media Corporation, said: "when we receive the concept to the opening of this store, we knew that we wanted to introduce something that will cause feeling, so we got in" contact immediately with Christie. We work with customers in the retail market and are committed 100% to offer appropriate solutions to enhance the experience of the buyer; Therefore, we realized the potential impact of that brightness and that homogeneity videowalls LCDs cannot offer".

Walmsley says the ease of installation and geometric flexibility as two key decisions by MicroTiles. "It was clear that the MicroTiles offered to mount some geometric shapes that would contribute to strengthening the atmosphere of the store. In addition, the brilliant HD canvas creates a truly attractive effect for the view. Ultimately, success in achieving the desired impact will depend on the content adapts to the shape and purpose of the screens". In that sense, the rectangular display is designed with five rows of ten blocks and has been placed on the frame of the escalators that descend to the lower floor, helping customers to be aware of the richness of our catalog of products available in that huge space.

Freedom of configuration

Tras encomendárseles la presentación de contenido HD a una ratio de aspecto nada usual, Mood Media se encargó de toda la conceptualización creativa y la animación utilizando el Christie MicroTiles Designer. Por su calidad de imagen, la tecnología Christie MicroTiles se desarrolló en un primer momento para aplicaciones de señalética digital como ésta. Rompiendo con la tendencia de los grandes y convencionales displays de panel único habituales en las aplicaciones de señalética digital, MicroTiles consta de unos pequeños displays modulares que pueden organizarse en mosaico y disponerse en la forma, tamaño y resolución exigidos por el entorno en el que van a instalarse. Los MicroTiles combinan DLP, LED y retroproyección, carecen de biseles y prácticamente de divisiones, y no hacen concesiones ni en contraste ni en nitidez. Visto desde cierta distancia, el display proporciona a la audiencia una experiencia visual homogénea.

James Belso, RU of Christie EMEA sales director, said: "Christie excited with that Mood Media Corporation chose the Christie MicroTiles for the main store's New Look in Dublin." Reconfiguring the MicroTiles in the shop according to the season of the year was an important part of the concept of starting and announces the fascinating impact and flexibility that Christie MicroTiles can offer within the audiovisual market for retailers".


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By • 15 Oct, 2012
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