Coca-Cola has launched in South Korea an advertising campaign for digital out-of-home based on a 'Vending machine of dance', a concept that combines a great device digital display, Kinect and a machine vending to invite passers-by to following a series of dance steps and movements to win this refreshing drink bottles.

Coca-Cola has recently installed a new vending machine model in a mall in South Korea. The device combines a Kinect motion controller of Microsoft and a dancing game, driven by a large screen depicting a popular K-pop band.

La máquina expendedora recompensa a la gente que baile delante de ella. La máquina vending de Coca-Cola cuenta con tecnología Xbox Kinect (sensores y cámaras web) integrada que reconoce la interacción humana. Cuanto mejor bailen, más botellas de Coca-Cola conseguirán.

The most interesting thing about this project is the innovative use of technology that makes for fun (and product) to the people in an attractive manner, interacting with the brand, having a good time and getting a free gift at the end.

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By • 22 Oct, 2012
• Section: Digital signage, Simulation