The prestigious Russian energy company Gazprom NIS carries out a major refurbishment of its conference room in Novi Sad. In this project numerous Arthur Holm AH19DA 19″ monitors have been installed inches.

Arthur Holm monitors in NIS Gazprom

The NIS the carried out Gazprom energy company an important remodeling of its boardroom in Novi Sad. Many monitors have been installed in this project Arthur Holm 19″ AH19DA inch manufactured according to high quality standards of the brand based in Barcelona.

Anodized aluminum furniture offers a discreet and timeless design. This process of anodized provides a soft and silky effect that is extremely resistant and serves to dissipate heat. Its installation is very simple and its high contrast and excellent viewing angles ensure perfect visibility to all attendees to the Conference.


The Conference system is composed of units with condenser microphones mounted on flexible neck and illuminated ring (speaker-microphone) delegates and presidential transmission. The system has a separate for the delegates and the speaker unit as well as a specialized software for the control and positioning of PTZ cameras. The active participation of additional members invited to a Conference is also possible, through the use of a wireless microphone with appropriate receivers system.

Simultaneous translation system makes it possible to translate what is heard through the speakers up in three different languages and transmit it to the participants through an IR receiver with headphones. The entire system is based on wireless infrared technology that ensures excellent intelligibility in the interior of the room, also avoiding any interference from the outside. To the interpreters were installed three consoles, allowing the work of two interpreters elbow with elbow in each cabin. In order that the interpreters have a better follow-up of the events in the Conference room, the signal of the PTZ cameras moved also to translation booths video monitors.

Audio system has been implemented through the use of ceiling with independent control speakers every two speakers installed. For music playback, and other audio and video files, an independent speaker with control system has been especially installed radiation, which cover the room in the best way, as well as to increase the intelligibility is achieved.

Arthur Holm monitors in NIS Gazprom


Video presentation system consists of a system of cameras and video distribution and is used to support the needs of video conference connections, as well as all kinds of presentations. Installed professional cameras have optical increase of up to 27 times, and give the possibility of automatic positioning towards the speaker who turned on his microphone at the Conference. The system also includes motorized projection screens and projectors DLP 4000 ANSI Lumens. The video signal is distributed to every projector individually, which allows the projection of different images on each screen. Some racks have been installed in the side walls of the room where hang professional monitors 40″ with the ability to change the angle of view, while the delegates seated at the Conference table may continue the action through their own integrated monitor. These monitors for the delegates have been installed with adequate distribuidores-amplificadores and thanks to their housings made to measure, it is possible to upload and download them to achieve the desired viewing angle.

Arthur Holm monitors in NIS Gazprom

Management and control

The management and control system is expected from two locations; directly from the room done by the moderator, the President or any third party, as well as from the control room by specialized technicians. From the Chamber itself is managed through the remote control with touch screen, the central unit and associated equipment. The control panel is type desktop with Wi-Fi so you can decide the position of an arbitrary shape on the table. Through this system are managed, any presentation of video, audio equipment and devices of control of the projection screens, also has option control of light levels in the room and the curtains down to completely darken the room.

The installed system is supported by the latest specialized software modules for the control, management, storage, recording multichannel and transcription of data, and has adequate support for a so-called power outage. The complete installation was conducted in such a way that it fits perfectly to the interior design of the new rooms and fully complying with the strict standards of this prestigious oil company.

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By • 19 Mar, 2013
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