The German company Osram has created the lighting management system DALIeco, with which companies can save 80% of energy consumption.

Osram Dali Eco

DALIeco is a management system to integrate DALI lighting luminaires developed by Osram for use in offices, meeting rooms, medical practices, schools and administrative buildings.

Osram Dali EcoThis management system has six operating modes quick and easy setup, which also adapts to any application by remote control.Osram Dali Eco

Combining light sensors and presence DALIeco unit control companies can achieve energy savings of up to 80% energy compared to a conventional system without sensors T8.

Thanks to these savings, the return on investment is achieved in a short period of time. In addition, the user can easily define and operation modes and two DALI channels with individual settings.

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By • 10 Apr, 2013
• Section: Control, illumination