Preserve the memory of our ancestors using augmented reality is what proposes Memorialdigital. An experience that combines digital technology with traditional funeral service.

QR Codigos in tablets

The proposal of Memorialdigital It's a different business based on augmented reality technology and solutions with QR codes which provides interaction between physical reality and the digital.

In the burial of the deceased is inserted a plate in anodized aluminium which includes a QR code. When the person is placed against the headstone using a mobile or a tablet, it scans the image and your terminal is deployed dynamic content that refers to the life of the deceased.

Multimedia contents, which are provided by relatives or friends, can be of various kinds: voices, videos, photos, or the biography of the deceased. The aim is that the visit to the cemetery becomes an interactive experience in which they recall moments of his past life and where augmented reality is applied to the funeral art.

This is a service that had its origins in Japan, which is already being used in the United States, some countries of South America, such as Chile, and which is also being introduced in Europe.

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By • 6 Jun, 2013
• Section: Augmented reality