This innovative development, which is based on a film patented by the company which is placed on the surface of the Led and protects it to offer a screen touch, seamless, durable, open display Led technology to new collaborative applications that up to now they dominated LCD screens.

The participation of Laird Y Planar in the recently after 2017 Edition of NAB Show in Las Vegas attracted both professionals looks a great impact visual system and its technological interest to know in detail the Leyard Led Multitouch system: the first multi-touch videowall so far allowing interactivity on screens pich Led very low.

This visual innovation is based on a film called Leyard PLTS (Pliable Led Touch Surface), patented by the company, which is placed on the surface of the Led and protects it, the result is a touch screen, seamless, lightweight and durable in videowall configuration large format in which several people can interact at the same time without that points Led is damaged.

Together with the film PLTS, this multi-touch Led videowall incorporates an imperceptible infrared around the screen frame, for a highly sensitive response to any motion of the hand on the surface. A development of Leyard open display Led technology to new collaborative applications that until now dominated the LCD screens.

Leyard MultiTouch Led offers a touch experience seamless for Led video walls with high resolution - up to 196 inches diagonal - 1.2 mm pixels. This technology allows up to 32 points of contact, so that multiple users can interact and collaborate simultaneously with the video wall smooth, accurate and intuitive touch experience on a smooth, antistatic surface.

In contrast to the glass panels, which can trap heat and cause annoying reflections in complex environments such as television studios, Leyard Led MultiTouch integrates patented PLTS from manufacturer to create an anti-glare surface, eliminating the annoying reflections.

The screen offers an image crisp and high contrast using high quality Led, with pure black and a great uniformity of color and luster, even when viewed off-axis. In addition, the touch surface film PTLS is very durable and can be easily removed for, then apply it again, thus facilitating maintenance.

In addition to the role of Leyard Led Multitouch during this contest, Leyard and Planar have also shown other next generation solutions in Ledy LCD for your application in the broadcast environment, as the 27 "/ 0.7 mm pixel Led videowall; the range of Led TWA's flat-panel video screens, whose density gives you a feeling of LCD surface.

Professionals also got to know the system of videowall Led DirectLight, with pixel ultra fine pitch and seamless that facilitates thin Interior ultra front service facilities, as well as series Leyard TVH and display Led CarbonLight family, with adaptable surfaces designed to meet a wide range of applications.

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By • 28 Apr, 2017
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