The Spanish startup Droiders has developed an augmented reality application that works with the Google Glass: EmpowAR.

Doiders Empowar for Google Glass

EmpowAR is the tool that has developed the Spanish startup for the Googles Glass Droiders, device that is expected to be available in the market in 2014. A versatile augmented reality application that has great potential for use in different sectors of the industry.

The development of Droiders makes full use of all the features of the technology of augmented reality, adding layers of content to the real world: graphics, videos, music, 3D objects, games, etc. Allows objects created in augmented reality to have movements, sound, reorganization and change of color.

Using a few targets and the application EmpowAR, the President of Droiders, Julian Beltran, has shown through the prism that have the Googles Glass and focusing toward the image, it appears in the lens of the glasses and rotating the head, the image rotates at the same time being able to see it from different angles.

The EmpowAR application is very versatile and has a great potential in sectors such as advertising, architecture, design, industry, entertainment or tourism.

Droiders Empowar for Google Glass 2

Google Glass is a device that includes camera, GPS, Bluetooth, microphone and a small Viewer that allows the user to see a projection and, at the same time, take pictures and record videos, only with voice prompts. Technology offered by these lenses, it is possible to see a building under construction to the explanation of a work in a museum.

The glasses, which will not be available until 2014, also operate wirelessly to other devices such as smartphone, showing alerts and notifications on the screen. The information gained can be seen in the smartphone and sunglasses, through the projector which has.

The Google Glass react as an Assistant's voice, when there is noise the device distinguishes perfectly the voice of the owner thanks to the vibrations of the larynx, making it work better than other participants.

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By • 29 Jul, 2013
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