The new terminal Tom Bradley International Airport from Los Angeles (LAX) has the largest system of multimedia immersion and digital content in American airport facilities by Moment Factory.

Moment Factory LAX

Contents of display producer e multimedia immersion Moment Factory He has made a large and impressive facilities in this regard that currently have any American airport, in the new terminal Tom Bradley of Los Angeles (LAX) International Airport.

The aim of this visualization project focused on improving the experience of the passenger in transit airport, as well as the iconography of Los Angeles, with a spectacular visual content on the magic of travel, sometimes interactive, which transform the airport walls in several places, even with seven multimedia architectural sculptures.

More than four hours of original video, as well as interactive creations content, high resolution images and 3D real time and iconic sculptures give shape to the creation of Moment Factory, with the collaboration of Marcela Sardi, of Sardi Design, and Mike Rubin, of MRA International.

Moment Factory LAX

The adventure travel

Capture the romance and the magic of travel is the guiding thread of this iconographic project, which begins at the moment that passengers have access to this new terminal and back them to the exotic trips, continue along coasts and sea dives enjoy animated vignettes of the old Hollywood or to the discoveries of new lands in which imagination and dreams set the standard.

Moment Factory LAXA project of such magnitude has required a multidisciplinary collaboration of designers and multimedia specialists. Thus, the seven iconic sculptures has been designed by Sardi Design and MRA International, in collaboration with the creators of the terminal Fentress Architects; along with the engineering company Monkeys; the system integrator Electrosonics and the producer of multimedia content and interactive Moment Factory.

This multidisciplinary team worked together taking into account modern architectural elements from the terminal and the same dimensions, distributed on several floors, to create content that establish a balance of calm and sensitivity, beauty and entertainment for passengers.

More than 12 months of work, in which Moment Factory has worked with dancers, actors and even parrots to convert their study in a virtual environment simulating a virtual paradise. an ecosystem with images and animations that were previously conducted on scale models and 3D computer models to bring together all the components of this great multimedia display.

Moment Factory LAX

Interactive sculptures

One of the first creations that the passenger sees is a tower of the time, built around the main lifts, completely covered with screens "that come to life with everything from a jungle full of animals to an original tribute to the era of the silent film", They point out from Moment Factory.

Moment Factory LAXThe Time tower also includes an interactive surface that responds to gestures of passengers through the activation of custom Visual effects and real time.

Entries in the area north and South of the Los Angeles airport terminal have the so-called Portals, composed of a dozen of interactive panels by way of portals, eight meters tall, with Visual effects and sound that are continually changing to reflect the departure flights and the movement of passengers who pass through there.

Moment Factory LAXThe content of these portals evoke mosaics, watery reflections, etc. which suggest the transformation and the movement that feels on a journey, inspired in the destinations that from this airport to Tokyo, Paris, Sydney,...

Other creations is a large video wall about twenty-four meters Led welcomes passengers with animated images of greeting upon his arrival in Los Angeles.

Moment Factory LAXAlso called Bon Boyage Wall is a video wall of farewell to the passengers leaving the city, with footage shot in slow motion of places in Los Angeles, inspired by the serieJumbology of the photographer Philippe Halsman

The Story Board, a composition of more than 36 meters with LED screens, offers visual narrations of Los Angeles, the destination cities and the farthest corners of the earth. Finally, Destination board offers a video with data showing the information of the flights and the cities of destination.

Moment Factory LAX

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