This visual support, which has been designed with a double-sided NanoLumens Nixel Series Led solution, offers information on flights to more than six million passengers arriving in New York City.

Terminal 4 of John F. Kennedy International Airport has installed new support information in the arrivals area, and this has used a double-sided 9 Led display by 3 meters Nixel Series that incorporates the Aware visualization management platform of NanoLumens.

This screen is used to provide information of the flights, weather, news, as well as advertisers marketing messages. The screen Nixel Series has been designed and developed by NanoLumens and has been installed by ConeXus World.

"This new solution will provide information about six million international passengers arriving in New York City each year with vibrant and dynamic images," explains Gert-Jan de Graaff, President and CEO of JFKiat, operator of the Terminal 4 of the John F. Kennedy.

Led Nixel Series screens transform any environment into an immersive experience that makes digital signage more effective than static images, offering a wide range of opportunities for the presentation of a continuous flow of images, videos. Fits any size, shape or curvature, allowing customers to activate any space to promote your brand.

"JFK Terminal 4 joins the list of airports that have become a solution of single digital display involving travellers and enables a communication clear and concise to inform travellers and that they can continue with their journey to NanoLumens" says Nate Remmes, Vice President of Marketing and business development at NanoLumens.

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By • 4 May, 2017
• Section: Study cases, OUTSTANDING, Digital signage, Display