With a size of 32-inch panel 4K and 99% colour gamut Adobe RGB, among other features, the TUM-32PRO1 monitor is the Toshiba into design, audiovisual and cinematographic production and publishing environment.

Toshiba TUM32PRO1

Presented during the recent celebration of IF 2014, Toshiba you are entering for new professional business lines, such as digital signage and digital signage, which also adds the TUM-32PRO1 monitor, with which the company wants to enter in the audiovisual and cinematographic, environment graphic design and editing in Europe.

TUM-32PRO1 incorporates an Ultra High Definition (UHD) 32 "screen, with 99% colour gamut Adobe RGB to offer maximum quality images with optimum colour reproduction necessary in their work to the groups mentioned.

Toshiba TUM32PRO1As pointed out by Javier Morago, product manager visual products of Toshiba, "is a first approximation to introduce this monitor in television networks, film producers and designers. It is our first release in Spain and until next year not introduce other systems, such as the 40-inch."

Thanks to this high reproduction Adobe RGB, the system covers a huge range of colors, particularly blue and green, an essential feature in issue. In addition, this monitor offers 10-bit performance to reproduce images of 1.073.740.000 colors and X-Rite color calibration tool to get an experience close to the real vision. The system is compatible with standards such as BT-709, SMPTE-C and EBU, as well as with TV/Movie image.

TUM-32PRO1 Toshiba integrates an anti-reflective coating that reduces glare caused by external light sources, that adulterate the visual perception of the professional during his work. In addition, your panel integrates the technology of Direct LED Local Dimming backlight with a system that regulates the lighting of the display areas in an individualized manner, which enhances the contrast and reduces the blur of moving images. Toshiba uniformity correction circuit adjusts and automatically ensures the optimal level of brightness and color reproduced on each point of the screen.

Toshiba TUM32PRO1For professionals who do not even work with Ultra HD content, this monitor also offers the option of scaling to the level 4K standard image quality, improving presentations and demonstrations.

Disponible a través del canal de distribución antes de que finalice el primer trimestre del año, este monitor, fabricado y desarrollado en Japón, permite al profesional efectuar rápidos y precisos ajustes a la imagen vía LAN desde su PC o tablet de manera sencilla, para lograr configuraciones completas sin la interferencia de menús en pantalla.

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By • 11 Feb, 2014
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