Lutron attendance at the fair Light & Building 2014 highlighted by the presentation of their new systems for light control in buildings, Quantum Total Light, and its line of LED drivers EcoSystem 5-Series.

Lutron - New DIN RAIL Panel

Lutron Electronic He has presented at the fair Light + Building 2014, which was held in Frankfurt from March 31 to April 4, the expansion of its Quantum and EcoSystem systems. It has also released its latest developments in LED control solutions for hotel rooms, new collections and finishes Keypads and control systems radiofrequency curtains.

Thanks to the addition of three devices, the system for controlling light in buildings Quantum Total Light offers more opportunities to maximize use of natural light, minimize power consumption, save energy and reduce costs.

The first of these devices has joined the range is the Hub QP4 that combines a control panel curtains and a Quantum processor in a single component, reducing costs and installation time on commercial projects.

Thanks to the combination of Hyperion control technology curtains and Quantum processor, the new QP4 Hub allows simultaneous control of up to 10 sets of curtains, reaching peak levels of savings and utilization of sunlight.

The second innovation Quantum system is the wireless Radio Shadow sensor, which detects and transmits sunlight levels to Quantum Total Light Management System intelligently.

In low light conditions, cancels the pre-programmed position of curtains and levels up to full, maximizing the use of natural light. Similarly, bright light can also override the preprogrammed levels and close the curtains.

Lutron - Sensor luz naturalThis wireless sensor is suitable to ensure maximum use of natural light in low ambient light and also communicates by radio with the Clear Connect technology Lutron, making it an option installation and commissioning very simple.

The third addition to the Quantum product family is the DIN Rail panel. This panel, pre-assembled and tested, is configurable for multiple different types of load, providing a universal solution for a flexible and reliable control commercial lighting.

In addition, the DIN Rail Lutron panel is easy to use, has a low voltage compartment, which is accessible all part of operating system and offers a simple compatibility with other systems.

LED sources regulation

For LED control, Lutron has given expanded its range of LED drivers EcoSystem 5-Series 50W versions that can regulate the light intensity of all kinds of LED linear, recessed lighting fixtures or indirectly, to 5%.

These drivers Lutron adds versatility to the regulation of LED sources for all kinds of projects. In addition, the company also offers a version of 25W that allows regulation of up to 1%, suitable for architectural applications.

LED drivers EcoSystem 5-Series provides an affordable solution for a smooth, homogeneous, flicker adjustment, ensuring full compatibility with the Ecosystem system.

Lutron - Botonera SeeTouch glass finishHotel sector

Lutron in the booth at Light & Building could also see a wide range of solutions for the control of hotel rooms.

Lutron systems allow hotel owners save energy and reduce costs, while maximizing the comfort of its guests. In addition to providing full control of natural and artificial light, also they incorporate a new thermostat, ensuring the latest technology in total control of the room.


Lutor also showed at Light & Building 2014 seeTouch Keypads finish your glass, so they are welcomed by designers and decorators.

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