With two free slots for connecting expansion cards ViSiconnect, the new compact digital mixer If Performer 1 Soundcraft, whose systems distributed in Spain EARPRO, can be mounted in a standard 19 "rack for medium size installations.

Soundcraft Si Performer 1 EarproThis new model series digital mixers If Performer, which Soundcraft introduced a few months and available in the Iberian market made through EarproIt has two slots for connecting expansion cards ViSiconnect and has the ability to assign up to 56 input channels at 14 faders, in 4 layers.

If Performer 1 incorporates patented technology and displays FaderGlow color in each channel to have instant information mix. One of its innovations is the DMX interface control for managing sound and lights from the same console.

These two slots for external cards provide greater flexibility as users can connect boxes scenario, while providing the capability of connection to audio networks such as Dante, BLU Link and Cobranet and use with monitoring systems staff as DBx PMC Personal Monitor Controller by BLU Link.

This compact digital mixer retains the same potential mixture models If Performer 2 and 3, with the difference that has preamps 16 and 16 faders. Among other features, the system has four band parametric equalizer in all input channels and, as is usual in digital mixers Soundcraft BSS equalizers in all output buses.

All these digital processing blocks, which occupy a tiny size, equivalent to 448 units of analog processors rack. Unlike other digital consoles in the same price range, this processing capacity is available one hundred percent at all times.

Soundcraft Si Performer 1 EarproIn addition, the Si Performer series features the Faderglow Soundcraft technology, which illuminates the faders with different colors to indicate their function or to identify the channels. If model 1 also has conocho Performer VCA groups and an equal number of mutepara facilitate control of up to 80 inputs and 35 buses.

Each channel cuentaen its surface with an LCD display to Toneto display information such as the name of the channel assignments, graphic equalizer frequencies and DMX data, and level measurement. The integration of a DMX512 port offers lighting control which is ideal for audio and lighting with a single technician in charge.

If the model Performer 1 provides as an ideal choice for users who want to incorporate the advantages of digital mixers Soundcraft sound systems to medium format, such as concert halls, theaters and rental companies.

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By • 7 May, 2014
• Section: Thoroughly, Audio