Security, scalability and high performance is offered by new drivers AMX NetLinx NX series. Devices that combine high performance and network-centric functionality.

AMX NX-1200NetLinx Controllers NX were designed by AMX to support AV products managed by IP over corporate networks, solutions that require higher performance and security.

La tecnología de control AMX simplifica la experiencia de llevar a cabo reuniones para los usuarios corporativos. Y aunque cada vez hay más dispositivos AV que se pueden controlar a través de una red IP, la mayoría de ellos carecen de las características estándar que garanticen la seguridad y la escalabilidad en la red. Los nuevos controladores NX incluyen IPv6 y soporte de seguridad 802.1x para la conexión a la red de la empresa, así como la funcionalidad de doble NIC para aislar los dispositivos AV controlados por IP, de la red. Estas características mejoran la seguridad y reducen el número de direcciones IP necesarias para la implementación de tecnologías AV.

The NX series controllers composed of the NX-1200, NX-2200, NX-3200 and NX4200 models, is based on the reliability of its predecessor, the number of controllers NI installed in classrooms, conference rooms and operational control centers all over the world. The NX line uses half the power than the previous generation and all models are designed to occupy the space of one rack unit, seeking greater efficiency and installation flexibility.

AMX NX-3200

NX series is compatible with previous versions and adds diagnostic capabilities to ensure implementation of appropriate wiring for control and simplify integration. These models include an increase in processing power in order to manage current and future applications processing.

When used in conjunction with software resource management AMX RMS (Resource Management Suite), the NetLinx NX devices can monitor and manage centrally all AV devices on an AMX installation, either from the same building, or from the cloud .

NX NetLinx Controllers are shipped with the capability to be integrated into a system design using the resource configuration RPM (Rapid Project Maker), without programming and automatically liaise with user interfaces and accessories AMX control.

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By • 30 Jun, 2014
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