A gigantic floating propeller-shaped 3D hologram starred event Epic 3.0 of recognized international DJ Eric Prydz on the Madison Square Garden in New York, using the Holo-Gauze system, a spectacular and advanced visualization technology and three-dimensional holographic effects developed by Holotronica.

Holotronica Holo-Gauze Epic

Breathtaking sequences, effects and floating large 3D animations have staged the staging of the Epic 3.0 of the international DJ Show Eric Prydz on the New York's Madison Square Garden before thousands of followers and produced by Realtime Environment Systems.

For the Prydz show has been used Holo-Gauze, an innovative system of 3D visualization and holographic effects of high resolution developed by Holotronicawhich has created a display 20 × 5 meters in which there are huge dynamic holograms, such as a large talking head, a giant propeller and varied effects in the form of particles that revolve around themselves for the occasion.

Holotronica Holo-Gauze Epic

Holo-Gauze is formed by a metal frame and a gauze of high transparency (even patent pending), a tissue up to now unique in the market capable of working with 3D polarized projection systems using a minimum of two projectors, but also It can produce 2D holograms using a single projector.

In this sense, during Epic 3.0 used three projectors, each with 40,000 lumens of brightness, that offered 4K resolution for creating giant holograms floating on the Holo-Gauze, the largest indoor screen seen so far, that filled the scenario where Prydz created their music and complemented with other visuals of the show, such as an LED display and laser lights.

Holotronica Holo-Gauze Epic

No size limit

The Holo-Gauze screen allows to produce holograms of any size and dimension, which are only limited to the distance that will locate the projector and its light output. With respect to other systems based on tissue of chiffon, which normally, and so far they create a fog effect in the image, the solution developed by Holotronica is practically invisible, almost to 100%, allowing you to create a production in high resolution and effects of high-contrast that leave no one indifferent.

The original idea of Holo-Gauze part of audiovisual and composer artist Stuart Warren-Hill, who developed this system when I needed a new type of 3D holographic screen and laptop to start up your own 3D Blu-ray and CD of electronic music project called Holotronica.

As explained by Stuart Warren-Hill, "this event has shown the possibilities offered Holo Gauze, which combines the invisibility and the ability of the 3D projection to create large floating holograms and new dimensions for live performances and in all kinds of" events".

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By • 23 Oct, 2014
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