A huge transparent and reflective screen, which projected holographic effects and high-resolution 3D have staged the performance of the artist Beyoncé for fifteen minutes showed a shocking content created specifically for the awards this year.

The innovative solution for 3D visualization and high resolution holographic effects Holo-Gauze, developed by HolotronicaAlong with three digital projectors Christie Boxer 4k30 have been instrumental in the realization of the performance of the artist Beyoncé during the Grammy Awards this year, for which there have been fifteen minutes of content and effects by the specialist of live events PRG XL VideoCreated for the occasion by the own company management singer, Parkwood Entertainment.

The large transparent and reflective screen, 40 × 22, of Holotronica filled the stage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles during the performance of Beyoncé, the longest and most spectacular gala, where his award-winning album 'Lemonade' gained new momentum holographic with incredible visuals, as it did with the same technology in another of his shows (more details in Digital AV Magazine).

Stuart Warren-Hill, founder and CEO of Holotronica, expressed his satisfaction "we were asked to be part of the live show Beyoncé with Holo-Gauze, which is ideal for these events, allowing the performers stand behind our screen-gauze almost invisible, while impressive holographic effects that appear to float in front of them are created ".

In this line, Paul Dumpel, head of Christie events, notes that "we thank our partners who have our projection technology for a project artistically as creative as this and join Beyoncé's performance at the Grammys. The content of the show was created in 4K, making maximum resolution offered by our Boxer 4K30 ".

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By • Mar 31, 2017
• Section: Study cases, Display, Events, Projection, Simulation