Holo-Gauze, so far the only solution on the market able to work with a minimum of two projectors developed 3D polarized projection systems by Holotronica MD, is being used successfully as Visual impact in the British series Gadget Man at Channel 4.

Holo-Gauze Gadget Show

The producers of this British series which broadcasts Channel 4 are using 3D Holo-Gauze visualization solution of Holotronica both the set and cameras to create stunning holograms three-dimensional during filming, since it allows to work with 3D polarized projection systems using a minimum of two projectors and AV Studio (so far the only one in the market), although the system can also produce holograms 2D credible using a single projector.

Holo-Gauze screen has no limit in size or dimension to produce special hologram 3D effects, since it is only limited by the distance of the projector and, where so required by the lighting.

Holo-Gauze Gadget Show

Stuart Warren-Hill, founder of Holotronica MD and Holo-Gauze, has pointed out that "our display system is suitable for TV producers, enabling you to create stunning effects of holograms 3D that can be incorporated easily during the filming, the" that saves time and money in post-production. We are very satisfied of our participation in Gadget Man, where we have created a stunning holographic flower that will not leave anyone indifferent."

As explained by the producer of the series, Colin Byrne, "at the beginning we were not completely sure of the functioning of Holo-Gauze during filming, given the large number of variables that can be found on the set: from the shape of the room to the ceiling fixtures or" "the lighting conditions, but everything was in that when we saw the rather than the stunning holographic effects were both set as in the Chamber and the value that contributed to the edition of the shooting".

Holo-Gauze Gadget Show

Holo-Gauze has also been used to make a holographic 'selfie' in the last episode of the series, creating a hologram 3D TV presenter Jason Bradbury as part of the so-called 'selfie challenge' of the final episode.

3D image is created on the iPhone using the Poppy 3D bolt-on device, making integrated camera in the smarphone stereoscopic 3D from side to side. Subsequently, in the study of the Gadget Show, the image becomes a 3D holographic effect when it is projected on a screen of polarized projection Holo-Gauze through two projectors with polarizing filters.

This system was presented for the first time operating during the EPIC 3.0 show by the famous DJ Eric Prydz on the Madison Square Garden in New York (more details in the news published in) Digital AV Magazine), which used a 20 × 5 meter screen to create huge floating stage holograms, as you can see in the attached picture.

Holotronica Holo-Gauze Epic

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By • 8 Apr, 2015
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