The University of Toledo, located in this town in the State of Ohio (United States), has become a pioneer with the launch of the first Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center, the five that are being created worldwide to offer students environmental health an innovative learning experience through 3D visualization solutions Barco and integrator AVI-SPL.

Barco University of Toledo IISC

Under the philosophy of offering an environment of transformative learning and innovative students of medicine, nursing, pharmacy and other areas of health, University of Toledo (UT) has created the first advanced center of virtual reality and simulation, based on a virtual cave with an LED display and interactive displays transparent stereoscopic 3D on their walls, called Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center (IISC).

This innovative space, with an area of ​​19,812 square meters, is the first of its kind of five and simulation dive centers to be created in the world at short notice.

Virtual reality is redefining the experience of professional health education, which in the case of IISC is based on Tri-Center of the UT concept, to provide students at all training environment unique learning, developed in order to ensure patient safety and improve outcomes of care, clinical practice and medical research using new visualization and simulation technologies.

Barco University of Toledo IISC

Creating IISC has received the latest display solutions Belgian firm ShipUnder the design and integration specialist AVI-SPL. The center is divided into three levels of modeling and simulation: Immersive Virtual Reality Center; Advanced Clinical Simulation Center and Progressive Anatomy & Surgical Skills Center.

The first center immersive virtual reality, is equipped with Barco I-Space screen, the first so far in the world five sides and seamless, to create a 'virtual room' or cave Led stereoscopic used to simulate complete medical work environments such as operating rooms.

El espacio se completa con el sistema de visualización de múltiples canales y colaboración CADWalls y la pantalla curva de este mismo fabricante, en la que se muestran las imágenes 3D del ordenador del esqueleto, órganos, arterias, etc. para que el alumno trabaje y se forme en un entorno inmersivo y envolvente, con una clara percepción de la profundidad en los proyectos proyectados.

Thanks to these solutions visualization and 3D modeling, students can participate in simulated medical scenarios and prepare not only for surgery, but for potential disasters or even 'fly' through the human heart as well as see the actual patient data and create learning modules.

Barco University of Toledo IISC

progressive education around simulation

In the Advanced Clinical Simulation Center (Center for Advanced Clinical simulation), the goal is for students to practice using simulations of human patients in a hospital also simulated and learn later, and following this concept of 'tri-training' progressive, different surgical procedures in the Progressive Anatomy & surgical Skills Center.

Además, los alumnos pueden volver al IISC solicitándolo si necesitan practicar o mejorar sus habilidades (tanto de manera individual como en grupos), para aprender nuevas técnicas quirúrgicas; las últimas tecnologías médicas u otras modalidades de tratamiento emergentes, con el fin de estar al tanto de los últimos avances y ser competentes y eficientes en el entorno de salud.

So says Pamela Boyers, executive director of the University of Toledo Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center: "Our goal is to provide the best possible education and training so that patients are truly the beneficiaries of high-quality professionals and care in their excellent and affordable care. "

Barco University of Toledo IISC

technology transfer to other industries

En este sentido, la creación IISC ha situado a la UT a la vanguardia de las universidades estatales de salud y medicina, con un programa de formación innovador y eficiente para ofrecer una asistencia sanitaria segura y rentable. “Toda esta increíble tecnología no se limita al estudio de la medicina, enfermería o relacionadas con la salud -puntualiza Boyers-; el modelado 3D y la simulación se utilizan ampliamente en otras industrias como las de petróleo y gas, aviación y fabricación. Estos recursos estarán disponibles en el campus de la UT para todas las universidades que lo requieran, para ofrecerles las oportunidades de transformación y formación de nuestras instalaciones para ingeniería, ciencias naturales, humanidades, arte,…”.

In this regard, teachers, staff and students of the UT work closely from the IISC with local health organizations and even the US Army to develop strategies for process improvement, in addition to manufacturers of surgical instruments and other companies, as in the case of Barco, to develop new products and solutions.

"Working in collaboration with experts in different fields of health helps us to expand our knowledge and skills, as we improve our capabilities and collaboration with other companies and our learning experience through other disciplines," says Boyers.

University of Toledo Ohio USA

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