Manufacturer has announced the availability in the market of its Room Agent software, which transforms the touchscreens TouchLink Pro in MFDs of reservation of rooms to display status information of occupation or meeting, without the need of programming, because that function as a Microsoft Exchange client.

Extron TouchLink Pro Room Agent

Software Extron Room Agent, now available for download, is a complete and easy-to-use booking of rooms for installations of any size, since it becomes touchscreens TouchLink Pro from this manufacturer, in sizes of 5 to 7 inches, in devices Multifunction in which detailed information in real time of their occupation or reservation for meetings.

TouchLink Pro touch screens function as an existing customer of the Microsoft Exchange Server, without the need for programming, touch the button book. The system has an intuitive interface that provides the availability of the room immediately and a view with the timeline of the State of occupation of the room for the rest of the day. In addition, the screen integrates two Led lights inside the bezel, visible from a Hall, which also offer real time availability or not of the room.

Extron Room AgentTouchLink Pro 520M, 720M and Extron 720T are available in multiple options of Assembly, such as wall, any surface flat and even glass and granite with Pro 520M BPD. Depending on how it is configured, can also be used as a traditional touchscreen controllers or using Setup Room Agent software, as booking of rooms multifunction devices, after a prior and easily link to A direct planning from Outlook and Exchange.

In this sense, the user can make reservations from the touch screen, the computer or any smartphone or tablet that connects to Microsoft Exchange. The meeting rooms are available at the same time that a planned meeting has finished, since they communicate directly with the server secure and encrypted.

Screens, with power and control through a single wire Ethernet (PoE), which eliminates the need for a local, they can be customized in color, background images and controls with the logo and image of the company.

Extron Room Scheduling

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By • 29 Apr, 2015
• Section: Thoroughly, Control, Display