On the same day and in four different scenarios, the company made an impressive technical and equipment to provide sound, lighting and video in concerts of Alejandro Sanz on Dani Martin in Madrid, Seville, Violetta in Stuttgart) Germany), and Melendi in Vitoria.

Flüge audiovisual concert Violetta

With a great technical deployment and coordination of teams, the Spanish company Flight Audiovisuales She has simultaneously covered the provision of sound, lighting and video equipment to address technical needs of four great concerts of important artists: Alejandro Sanz, Dani Martin, Violetta and Melendi, who performed the past 26 of September in four different scenarios: Seville, Madrid, Stuttgart, and Vitoria, respectively.

Alejandro Sanz ended his tour 'Syrup' in Spain in the stadium of la Cartuja in Seville before 40,000 spectators. In terms of the complex technical equipment audiovisual Flüge provided for its development include about 150 robotic lighting fixtures, 76 square meters Led screen with a pixel pitch of 5 mm, control of four HD cameras and other robot and a system the company p.a. D.A.S Audio.

Flüge audiovisual concert Alejandro Sanz

The new tour of 'The loose rope', Dani Martin began last September 26 in the square of bulls of the sales of Madrid with a full absolute. As for the tour de Alejandro Sanz, audiovisual Flüge has supplied structures of Eurotrussas well as a system Meyer Sound made up of 32 Leo; 20 sub 1100; 20 Lyon-M; 8 Lyon-W; 8 Mélodies, 4 CQ; 4. Callisto; 2 galileo and a Callisto Aesebu, together with more than 170 lighting fixtures and 30 m2 of Led display, with realization of three cameras and four robotic control.

Under the production of Sold OutVioletta tour is sweeping Europe, which for the second time Flüge audiovisual supplies teams of sound, lighting, video and rigging of the European tour. This show of the argentina star Martina Stoessel and his young companions of the TV series of Disney, a phenomenon of masses in Spanish-speaking teenagers, made landfall on September 26 in the German town of Stuttgart.

Flüge audiovisual concert Violetta

Violetta Live Tour 2015 has more than 160 devices of lighting, Lyon-M 24, 8 Lyon-W, 16 sub 1100-LFC, 28 Mica and 8 Melodies of sound P.A. and 234 m2 of Led display for its staging.

The venue, Buesa Arena in Vitoria also hosted on the aforementioned day concert of Melendi's tour 'One student more', to which audiovisual Flüge supply 140 lighting equipment, sound system of Meyer Sound and 25 square metres of 10 mm. Led display

Flüge audiovisual concert Melendi

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By • 8 Oct, 2015
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