After winning the contract digital advertising on bus stops in London, the company aims to create a digital network in town (LDN), consisting of a thousand screens of 84 inches, the largest of its kind deployed on this scale.

JCDecaux Transport for London

French multinational outdoor advertising JCDecaux develop digital screens 84 inches for bus shelters in London, the biggest of its kind (40% more than current) that are installed on this scale and form part of the company's plan to create a digital network the English capital (London -LDN Digital Network) formed by a thousand screens.

JCDecaux has announced plans to fully digitize the bus stops in the emblematic and commercial Oxford Street, double-sided screens when it assumes the advertising contract Transport for London (TfL), which won last July in which unseated Clear Channel UKThe January 1, 2016.

The new bus shelters have screens 84 "in the areas of greater commercial concentration and where most consumption occurs, as with Oxford Street, and on the main avenues of the capital, in an attempt to attract the attention of buyers , tourists and residents who pass through these crowded areas and capitalize on the impact of messages from advertisers.

LDN JCDecaux will provide optimized and better targeted to the audience campaigns through data analysis CACI (retail, social media feeds and frame-by-frame) and to the new platform called SmartBRICS.

JCDecaux Transport for London

La compañía también pondrá en marcha ‘Connected London’, un panel exclusivo formado por 5.000 londinenses seleccionados al azar que proporcionarán datos diarios sobre el modo de pensar, actitudes, preferencias de marca y estilo de vida, con preguntas formuladas por JCDecaux de clientes, agencias y socios especialistas. Esta nueva comunidad proporcionará información fundamental para alimentar la plataforma SmartBRICS y dirigirla en campañas precisas en el momento y lugar adecuado a través de la LDN.

Jean-François Decaux, chairman of the executive board and co-chief executive JCDecaux, said that the intention of the company is "make London the world's showcase for digital external communication. From now to 2017, more than 50% of advertising revenues come from UK JCDecaux digital media. The new screen 84 "represents a radical change in the quality of it, which will provide a new communication channel for London, backed by big data to transform the possibilities of a DooH network."

JCDecaux Transport for London

growing digital transformation

Growth JCDecaux UK has been backed by the world's largest award marquees advertising bus after being awarded the contract to Transport for London (TfL), valued at 700 million euros over a period of eight years, which will come into force on 1 January next year, which will end date which had until now Clear Channel UK.

Following the recent launch of the digital display 120 m² Waterloo Station, the flagship digital device at Old Street Roundabout EC1 and digital towers of the T5 terminal at Heathrow Airport (more on Digital AV Magazine), JCDecaux has strengthened its position to transform the landscape of outdoor advertising in London.

Couture Portals Heathrow T2 JCdecaux

The digitization of London bus shelters will create a comprehensive digital imprint on the capital, which cover all strategic locations consumer travel around the city (known as 'customer journey').

As noted after the award of the contract Leon Daniels, TfL managing director, "our bus network carries 6.5 million passengers daily, and nearly 5,000 bus shelters located in prime locations in the capital, advertisers have a great opportunity to reach users ".

In this regard, those responsible for JCDecaux show their vision of the future in this city, because "the economy and the population of London are booming. The city, growing at a rate not seen since the Victorian era, will have 10 million inhabitants in 2030, reinforcing its value to advertisers. This contract, combined with other concessions won by JCDecaux bus shelters in London, creates a unique offering of 15,000 2sqm backlit devices, which will involve an unprecedented digital transformation. "

Couture Portals Heathrow T2 JCdecaux

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By • 14 Oct, 2015
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