Located in one of the most central streets of the city of Harrogate, installed a screen Led of 23 square meters designed with the solution Philips Showall 10 mm.

SIS Digital in Harrogate

In one of the most central streets of the County of Yorkshire has been installed one of the largest in the city Led screens. The company responsible for this project has been Digital SIS who has opted for the solution Philips Showall 10 to carry it out.

"We have chosen the solution Philips Showall by technology and ease of use. In addition to given its Super-clear images shown can be seen in broad daylight the day by the tens of thousands of people who go each week through this bustling street, which is the step towards the Mall. And this is crucial to advertisers that there will view your messages, explains Andrew Simister of SIS Digital.

Measures 3.600 × 600 6 metres (with a total of 23 square meters), owned by Moorfield Group Office building features a Led display of 10 mm which offers a brightness of 5,000 lumens, ensuring that the images can be seen in broad daylight the day by the s pedestrians passing through the Avenue. 10 mm SMD Led panel incorporates intelligent display of full-motion technology.

SIS Digital, which is based in Harrogate (Yorkshire), offers a complete turnkey service to all types of companies such as stores, shopping malls and major sports clubs that want to incorporate digital signage technology in their businesses.

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By • 28 Oct, 2015
• Section: Study cases, Digital signage, Display